Ever seen a file-sharing application that didn’t claim to be secure?

Document security isn't aspirational. It's not about best-effort, and there's no such thing as almost secure. It's about applying layering global standards like ISO9001:27001, regional standards like EU-US Privacy Shield principles, national Information Security Manual (ISM) standards and secure-by-design technology in a file-sharing solution we can all agree on.

IRAP Assessed for Sensitive and Protected Data.

The Objective Connect application is independently IRAP assessed and supports interconnectivity with secure national networks including AARNET (education).

Security isn't something you claim, it's something you prove.

Objective Connect is compliant with Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) principles issued by Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) within the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) and is expressly designed to meet the ASD’s ‘Essential 8’ framework for assessing security risks.

Security across teams. Across organisations. And across the world.

Objective Connect adheres to regional frameworks including US Privacy Shield principles and European GDPR legislation.

It also asserts national security standards including New Zealand's ISM principles and Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) level 2 certification and the U.K.'s Digital Service Manual (DSM) principles and National Cyber Security Centre Essentials certification for Official (Sensitive) data. Accept nothing less.

Internally we had created a sound information governance framework that was controlled and compliant with legislation, government policy and best practice. However, as soon as we shared information with someone outside the building we’d lose all of that transparency and traceability in an instant.

Peter O’Halloran

Executive Director and CIO
National Blood Authority

Automatically apply your internal protection, externally.

Things change. People move. Every project is followed by another. You worked hard to implement a robust information governance framework internally that protects your information in a fast-changing environment. It’s time you extended this protection into everything you share outside your four walls. With our Content Manager (TRIM) Technology Alliance Partnership and native Objective ECM integration, Objective Connect automatically applies your EDRMS policies, classifications and permissions when working with shared files for automatic real-time protection.

Talk to the Objective Connect team today, and take back control of your information.