This year has been full of changes and challenges affecting the way we work. Luckily, many online collaboration tools have made remote working and continuity possible.

In the wake of the pandemic and quick adaptation to remote working, Microsoft Teams has made it possible for over 75 million users to collaborate and share information remotely.

This, in turn, has created an explosion of information and a concern for information management. How do you capture information in context through Microsoft Teams conversations and posts?

Microsoft Teams is assisting organisations to collaborate remotely, but it also comes with its associated risks and challenges. From security to context, sustainable governance for Microsoft Teams is essential.

How does governance for Microsoft Teams work with Micro Focus Content Manager?

To provide a better idea of how Microsoft Teams Governance works with Micro Focus Content Manager, Objective has developed an infographic: “5 key information governance questions when implementing Microsoft Teams.” The infographic will you identify:

  • 5 key questions you should be asking when implementing Microsoft Teams governance
  • Main challenges around governance that you should be considering in relation to the above questions
  • Solutions you should be looking for when implementing Microsoft Teams Governance
  • An overview of how Objective GOV365 addresses governance challenges
  • An overview of how Objective GOV365 works with Micro Focus Content Manager

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