IRAP Assessed Collaboration for Federal Government

Safeguard PROTECTED information when collaborating across agencies and nations

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Secure collaboration without the risk

The number of cyber security threats and bad actors are on the rise. At the same time effective cross-agency and nation collaboration with PROTECTED information has never been more critical for Federal Government. One misjudgement or threat can leak highly sensitive information that impacts national security, citizens privacy, policy decisions or financial investments across the nation.

Designed specifically for Federal Government, Objective Connect is an Australian developed, supported and hosted, IRAP-assessed up to PROTECTED level, secure file sharing and collaboration application that gives complete control over information when shared externally. It delivers peace of mind by having data security always top of mind, ingrained in each feature and regularly vetted against the Australian Government ACSC's ISM framework.

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IRAP-Assessed Collaboration for Federal Government 

Learn how agencies can remove vulnerabilities in their security posture by using an IRAP-assessed solution for collaborating on PROTECTED information. 

About this document:

  • Understand the pitfalls of convenient sharing in the age of zero trust and the implication on federal government business users.
  • Learn how agencies can work securely without slowing critical responses or business processes by using the right government-grade security solution.
  • Discover how agencies can deploy a ‘highly compliant’, geo-locked cloud software when sharing PROTECTED files.

"We’re using it to collaborate with external agencies. Although these agencies aren’t using our EDRMS we can actually share information securely and we’ve got a full audit trail and traceability so that actually gives us governance and trust."

Richard Jackson

EDRMS Training and Information Analyst, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

Secure External Collaboration

Extend your internal information governance externally. Maintain control over shared documents. Collaborate across devices, across teams or across the world. Maintain one version of the truth. Record who did what and when. All from one solution.

Objective Connect is packed full of features designed specifically for Government organisations that need to share sensitive information externally.

Protection that goes beyond a compliance check box

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Protection that goes beyond a compliance check box

Your data is always in safe hands with a platform that is designed against ISM Framework

From embedded antivirus, authenticated Single Sign-On, Two-Step Verification, IRAP assessed up to PROTECTED level, native encryption and protection across devices to ISO 27001, Amazon Web Services local hosting, we’ve done the hard work to make secure file sharing and collaboration easy.

Seamless integration with existing records management systems
Two-way synchronisation with your existing records ensures everyone is kept up to date. Any file you receive is automatically filed in the correct location and flagged to ensure your metadata is always accurate. 

Instant visibility and traceability
Use Objective Connect’s security controls to protect your data. Maintain easy access to a full audit history of your data, including who has gained access and where it has been supplied.

Share classified data across agencies and nations

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Share classified data across agencies and nations

Reshape the way you collaborate and share information while boosting productivity.

Large files? Not a problem
Set up workspaces in seconds and share any file up to 10GB with staff, contractors and suppliers. Supported file types include videos, photos, presentations, PDFs to name a few.

Secure online edit, without download
Make updates in real-time via online editing. For added security, the download of documents to the local machine can be blocked, even when online editing is enabled.

Different device, same protection
Securely collaborate in the office, at home or on the road with the Objective Connect for Mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Apply granular control based on use case

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Apply granular control based on use case

Grant user access and ability on a per Participant per collaboration basis

Be in charge of who does what
Set the access abilities of each external Participant within every Workspace, to match the needs and legal requirements for every collaboration event. 

Lockdown your content from preview to edit
In one click you can grant new abilities to download, upload, edit, share, add comments and invite Participants.

Instant updates keep you across everything
Receive notifications as soon as a participant takes action - from accepting a Workspace invitation to uploading or downloading documents.

Capture every interaction, every time

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Capture every interaction, every time

Protect your organisation's information by tracking every interaction, on every document, every time

Let your audit data tell the true story
Unique to Objective Connect is the Workspace Record. Produced in seconds, this easy-to-consume report gives you the full picture of who had access to your information and the actions they took, no matter how small.

View all activity at a glance
In chronological order, view all events that have occurred with the Workspace on-screen. This includes invitation access to previewing and downloading or uploading documents.

Complying with security obligations is a breeze
Transactional audit reports on who did what, when can be produced at any time, providing the granularity that is required by owners, execs and other entities.

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IRAP Assessed Collaboration for Federal Government

Learn how partnering with an IRAP-secure platform can mitigate the risks of a breach when collaborating cross-agency and other nations.


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