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In search of a catalyst for openness - a research project

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What does it take to build a culture of openness?

In the digital world, we see emerging and changing views of data ownership, information rights in an evolving regulatory landscape. But after years of legislation and thousands of words written about the benefits of openness, organisations still find it challenging to put these principles into practice.

Drivers for Openness

  • The role and impact of information is growing, in all aspects of life, work and society.
  • People are demanding greater transparency, accountability and participation in decision making.
  • Governments and companies worldwide are striving to maintain public trust at a time of significant disruption.

Challenges to Openness

  • The rules are complex and there's growing public scrutiny over the way information is used and managed
  • It can be difficult to demonstrate and measure impact, outcomes and public value attributed to openness
  • Business processes are not designed for openness, adding risk and cost to collaboration and information release.

Open By Design

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Open By Design

Openness is made up of several key components and relies on interaction among different stakeholders.

Approaches such as 'freedom of information' or 'right to information' require accessibility and drive accountability. Open data supports collaboration and delivers transparency. True engagement and partnerships for innovation or solving wicked problems, requires a major shift in our understanding of what 'open' means.

Much research has focused on the overarching legal and policy frameworks for openness and information access. More recent efforts have worked to identify and quantify broader social and economic benefits.

We need to learn more about the balance between investment and value for different stakeholders, to build relationships and trust.

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Participate in the Research Project

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Participate in the Research Project

This project examines the way organisations manage and respond to requests for information access.

It considers the people, processes and systems involved in delivering openness, to understand the impact on an organisation, its customers or community.

Organisations will have the opportunity to benchmark themselves against peers and measure progress over time. It may highlight areas for improvement, savings or benefits realisation.

There is no cost or obligation associated with participation.

Who can participate?

I'm currently working with public sector and local government organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Future phases of the research may consider other regions and industry sectors. Connect on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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Open government is the simple but powerful idea that governments and institutions work better for citizens when they are transparent, engaging and accountable.

Open Government Partnership

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On-Demand Webinar Series

What does it take to build a culture of openness; to become open by design?

A joint production by The Mandarin and Objective.

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Executive Brief

Open Government

As governments worldwide strive to maintain public trust, executives must balance the costs of open government with the benefits.

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Webinar On Demand

Making Open Government Real

How do you balance information access + collaboration with privacy + security? To deliver better services and community outcomes.

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White Paper

Open and Transparent Government - Intermedium

Explore the challenges agencies face and examine how technology can reduce the costs and complexity associated with Open Government.

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Who is Sonya?

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Who is Sonya?

Sonya Sherman is a librarian, archivist and records manager with experience at the coal face of delivering information services to diverse communities and business users. She is passionate about open government and digital government – their interplay and the role of information governance enabling both.

Sonya has developed legislation and policy for public records, FOI, open data and data sharing in Australia, the UK and the Caribbean. She currently works with Objective Corporation, an Australian software company, designing information governance tools for government and regulated industries.

A solution to help teams manage requests and release information.

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Dynamic case management

Increase flexibility by enabling effortless movement between business processes.

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Date calculation

Objective OpenGov automatically sets the date the response is due to the applicant based on legislation.

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An automated acknowledgement email can be sent to the applicant once the request has been validated.

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Automated redaction

Find and automatically redact virtually any type of information such as: names, email addresses, phrases and more.

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Classify each request

Classify each request to gain insights into how and what the community is requesting.

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Control, monitor, track and audit through an intuitive dashboards.

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Actionable emails

Business users receive an email containing all relevant information they require to action a task.

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Exception management

Options for cases where exceptions are necessary to keep a process on track while everything is monitored, security controlled and audited.

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