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Purpose-Built Planning Applications

Helping government, the construction industry and communities thrive.

Making it easier to apply for, assess and grant permits

Objective Build helps local government and the construction industry inject consistency, transparency, quality and efficiency into the permit process.

It makes it easier for architects, designers and builders to apply for permits and for councils to assess and approve permits. Ultimately, it will help create high-quality buildings, support housing construction and drive social and economic outcomes for the Victorian community.

By transforming the permit application platform and creating a consistent process across Victoria, that seamlessly integrates with our council systems, our local governments and industry can work smarter, not harder.

Features designed specifically for building and planning

Img build transparency

Features designed specifically for building and planning

Creating consistency, transparency, quality and efficiency throughout the permit application process.

  • Automated submission checks
  • Consistent application process
  • Easy templating & reuse
  • Detailed reporting dashboards
  • RFI management

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