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Regulatory Monitoring Software

Navigate the regulatory landscape with precision and foresight using our compliance monitoring software, built within Objective RegWorks. Objective RegWorks is an all-in-one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is designed for government regulators. It equips regulators with the tools to oversee their regulatory process, including compliance and enforcement.

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Stay ahead of regulatory changes with precision and ease

In government regulation, staying on top of legislative changes is challenging. What’s even more difficult is adapting to those changes when you have an outdated system in place that isn’t designed to do so. Objective RegWorks’ compliance monitoring software is configurable to makes that process much easier so that you can manage regulatory efforts regardless of legislative changes. Objective RegWorks has no code/low code flexibility, allowing regulators to adapt quickly to changes without needing a time-consuming IT project.

A comprehensive way of monitoring

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A comprehensive way of monitoring

Monitor history to give a full view

Gain comprehensive insights into each case by having a single source of truth for complete record of compliance and correspondence for every entity, including licences, past and ongoing complaints or investigations. This holistic view integrates data sourced from various systems, so you can monitor and assess entities across their entire profile in one place.

Work as a team

Monitor data across teams and encourage collaboration by implementing the entire regulatory process under a single source of truth. This allows teams to have a complete view of data, even when they specialise in different areas. Objective RegWorks is an end-to-end solution that includes online portal to receive complaints and mobile app to perform inspections.

Multiple data views

Integrate with existing systems and different sources of data from across your agency so that you can monitor activities and data in one place.

A more efficient way of regulating

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A more efficient way of regulating

Streamlined regulatory processes

Automate and streamline your regulatory processes with our sophisticated workflow management system. Eliminate rekeying of data through an end-to-end solution that captures data from online forms that is used downstream all the way to infringement notices and investigations. This allows you to monitor workflow, completion of tasks and more through automation. By reducing manual tasks, your agency can focus on critical compliance issues and strategic regulatory initiatives.

Use data to make risk-informed decisions

Our system monitors and analyses historical data. From that data, it uses sophisticated algorithms to highlight high risk cases, allowing you to prioritise and intelligently target profiles that are most likely to be non-compliant.

Monitor performance

Use Objective RegWork’s powerful dashboards to monitor your KPIs in real time and analyse performance. Our dashboards use real-time data and are extremely easy to digest at a glance, while allowing for more detailed analysis when necessary.

Frequently asked questions

What is Objective RegWorks' Regulatory Monitoring Software?

Objective RegWorks' regulatory monitoring software empowers government regulatory agencies to monitor, manage, report on regulatory activities and adapt to legislative changes effectively.

How does the software assist with monitoring regulatory changes?

While it doesn’t directly alert and inform of regulatory changes, Objective RegWorks is an extremely flexible software that allows changes in legislation to easily be worked into its system, ensuring that you to adapt to changes easily.

Can the software automate monitoring processes?

Yes, the software is designed to automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with monitoring, tracking and reporting. This includes tracking of KPIs and more.

Can Objective RegWorks be used by my entire team to monitor regulatory changes and performance?

Yes, Objective RegWorks is designed with cross-team collaboration in mind. Create a collaborative environment with workspaces that enable your team to work together seamlessly. Share insights, delegate tasks, and manage regulatory changes together, ensuring a unified approach.

How can I get started with Objective RegWorks and regulatory monitoring software?

Contact us today to discover how Objective RegWorks can transform your regulatory monitoring capabilities and ensure that your agency remains a proactive, informed, and effective government regulator. You can contact us by filling out the form on this page. We will get back to you to answer any questions you have or to arrange a demo.

Objective Regworks H white - 2024

Regulatory Monitoring Software

Navigate the regulatory landscape with precision and foresight using our compliance monitoring software, built within Objective RegWorks.

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