Thousands of users, both new organisations and those upgrading from RapidRedact, are now processing millions of documents using Objective Redact and the feedback has been terrific. Objective Redact builds on the rich heritage of RapidRadact through its improvements, dedicated support and flexible subscription options.

“After trying several programs, we made the switch to Objective in early 2020. While testing other programs, we were searching for functionality and easy to use tools. As an organization, we process a large volume of redacted documents. These documents range in style such as handwritten notes, typewritten and digital. Objective’s tools can meet the demands to process our work, as well as, ensure the final product is secure to avoid any breaches of information. There are useful tutorials and the program support is excellent. Highly recommend using Objective.”

Melissa DeKnibber

Adoption Disclosure - Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex

Several customers in government and financial services sectors have recently upgraded their RapidRedact software to Objective Redact after many years of managing successful disclosure and compliance processes. Why did they upgrade? In short, they were looking for the same proven, yet enhanced, functionality their users trust and rely on with minimal disruption to productivity and technical support.

Key reasons for upgrading to Objective Redact

RapidRedact has been superseded so many customers have asked about the improvements in Objective Redact and have upgraded to the new platform. Here’s why:

  • Objective Redact offers the same powerful OCR and automation features as RapidRedact but with updated exemption codes and a much easier to use interface
  • The user experience has been improved to make it easier to manage redacted document ahead of output with users now viewing files before or after finalisation
  • Naming and classification of exemption code groups was enhanced to make it easier for users to search for and apply the correct reference codes
  • All output files – redacted, audit, working and reports – may now be saved in a location of choice, including the same location as the original document
  • Redact is compatible with all versions of M365 while RapidRedact has dependencies on desktop versions being installed for each user
  • A 90% reduction in working file size makes it easier to handle files and reduces storage costs 

Support is the most important reason for upgrading to Redact

The most important reason for upgrading, however, is that Objective Redact is a supported subscription service that includes access to the Objective Customer Care Portal with technical support, advanced regex assistance and online subscription management.

The subscription gives your users access to the latest improvements in performance and IT compatibility and your IT department the peace of mind knowing they are covered for infrastructure changes and technical glitches.

If you haven’t upgraded to Objective Redact yet, now is the time. You can purchase Redact on ,and if you have questions, please contact us on

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