National Blood Authority Implements Secure external collaboration

Secure and compliant with good information governance policies

Working across nine state and territory governments, and with more than 400 hospitals, secure collaboration is critical to the National Blood Authority being able to ensure a safe blood supply to all Australians.

But with sensitive health information being shared, the NBA must ensure strict information governance. When searching for a collaboration platform, security and complete auditability was important, even more so was the ability to integrate into the organisation’s existing Content Manager (TRIM) document and records management system.

While effective within the four walls of the organisation, the NBA was unable to extend its recordkeeping policy and infrastructure when they needed to work with someone outside of their organisation.

Following a detailed review of the market, the NBA implemented Objective Connect. Not only did it facilitate collaboration with external parties, it also met the NBA’s requirements in terms of security and information governance.

NBA staff now share documents with external parties directly from Content Manager. Any changes to documents shared via Objective Connect, or new documents added are subsequently synchronised back to the document management system. Every interaction, including who accessed documents or new versions created, is recorded. Content Manager remains the single source of truth.

The implementation made it significantly easier and more efficient to securely collaborate with external stakeholders while supporting good governance policies, other benefits included:

  • Information governance through deep integration with HP TRIM
  • Reduced costs with printing reduced by 80% and onsite storage reduced by 65%
  • $100,000 in staff hours saved and $40,000 in postage costs saved every year
“There was no other option, we wanted something that would integrate into Content Manager and Objective Connect was the only product that hit that mark.”

Peter O’Halloran

Executive Director and CIO, National Blood Authority