A sound platform of information governance

LandCorp's decision to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution was prompted by the rapid growth of the organisation. In the two years prior to embarking on the project, LandCorp increased their staffing levels by 50%.

Strong organisational growth meant it was more important than ever to mitigate risk and move quickly to tackle information management issues across the business.

As the Western Australian Government's land and property development agency, LandCorp's focus is squarely on sustainable development across the state. Their work aims to secure economic and social prosperity for all Western Australians.

Projects are managed from initial identification of land needs, through to planning, construction and marketing. Access to accurate, timely and secure information is critical to the success of projects where multiple people are involved in varying stages. Acknowledging the importance of information as an asset, LandCorp selected Objective to provide an ECM solution that would underpin its role in creating sustainable development across the state.

The success of the project can be seen in our user engagement. 100% LandCorp staff uses Objective on a daily basis.

Roland Parrotte

Manager Information Technology, LandCorp