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Governance Key to Transformation

If you thought digital transformation was big news already, hold onto your seat: it's about to get a whole lot bigger.

As we start 2016, customers and citizens are growing more vocal in their demands for "frictionless" service and access to government information that is relevant and usable anytime, anywhere.

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has said he wants to see a connected government that's digitally transformed to the point it's so nimble, citizens can manage most of their engagement through their smartphone.

The transformation of government services to deliver a better experience for Australians is being led by the Government's Digital Transformation Office (DTO).


But the need to balance open, flexible, agile service delivery with security and privacy present additional challenges for government organisations. It's one thing for the corporate sector to talk about learning from their mistakes, but for the public sector, failure just isn't an option when you are talking about a person's personal tax or health records, for example.

This article outlines how information governance together with process governance can lie at the heart of digital transformation. When orchestrated in harmony, can support an agile, robust, compliant framework to manage people, processes and platforms across the entire organisation.

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