Information Strategy for a Distributed Workforce

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work. We have quickly adapted to new ways of working in a much more distributed environment. Operational managers are focused on establishing connectivity across the workforce to enable business-as-usual.

But what does the future hold?

  • Will we eventually return to the office, or will remote working continue?
  • Which actions and decisions will be subject to greater scrutiny?
  • How can you maintain control over a distributed information ecosystem?

CIOs must take a strategic approach to ensure today’s solutions can continue to support tomorrow’s business.

Watch this webinar to hear Sonya and Stuart discuss the future governance considerations for a distributed workforce.


  • Sonya Sherman, Director Industry Solutions, Objective Corporation
  • Stuart Meyers, Business Solutions Consultant, Objective Corporation
  • Antony Bauer, Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation