Confessions of a Planning and Building Officer

Keynote session delivered at Planning Portal Virtual Conference 2020

What are the obstacles to fast and accurate plan assessment? Hundreds of planning and building officers have shared their reality with us.

From the uncertainty of whether they picked up all differences between revisions, to holding objects against the screen for measuring – many don’t realise that they are not alone when it comes to the recurring issues and subsequent workarounds 'confessed' to us over the years.

Objective Trapeze aims to make these confessions a thing of the past, looking at how technology can drive efficiencies and savings for busy Planning and Building Control/Standards teams.

Watch the 45-minute recording to:

  • Hear just some of the 'confessions' we've received from planning and building professionals around the world;
  • Discover how Objective Trapeze can transform current processes and offer a solution to common sector frustrations; and
  • See thoughts and insights from the audience, comprising hundreds of planning and building officers.

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