Information Governance for Microsoft Teams and Micro Focus Content Manager

State government agencies across Australia are adapting to a new normal, and the impact that has on how information and departmental records are governed, accessed and shared. In Victoria, what was already a global trend has seemingly over-night accelerated to a “white-hot’ pace due to the remote way we now work and the use of Microsoft Teams.

It is imperative to adopt a strategic approach now in order to align existing records and information management platforms with the new ways we are working, which in our view will endure as business-as-usual in post-pandemic government.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Hear: from Peter Francis, Public Records Office Victoria, as he outlines the departmental advice on record-keeping standards in the new era and specifically with Microsoft Teams.
  • Learn: from Rachel Franklin from FutureFund as she explains the challenges presented by the new way of working and FFMA’s efforts to adapt to comply with record keeping standards.
  • Grasp: information governance considerations for a distributed workforce, and how Victoria's state government agencies can leverage an existing foundation in Micro Focus Content Manager without disruption, or impact to the adoption of Microsoft 365 technologies while keeping Micro Focus CM9 the single source of truth.


  • Peter Francis, Manager - Standards and Policy, Public Records Office Victoria
  • Rachel Franklin, Director - Knowledge & Business Services, Future Fund
  • Cameron Thornton, Solution Director - Information Governance, Objective Corporation
  • Antony Bauer, Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation