Secure external file sharing and collaboration with Content Manager

Delivering sustainable information governance

Without a dedicated file sharing solution, 81% of teams resort to open, unauthorised or consumer-grade software that risks your information governance the moment they click send. Built specifically for Content Manager, Objective Connect is a secure external file sharing application that gives complete control over the information you share outside your organisation.

Sharing information with external stakeholders can make new things possible. However, it also introduces privacy, commercial and operational risks every time your team clicks send or share, not to mention how you collaborate on this shared information. Objective Connect retains control of the Office documents you collaborate on and share, protects one version of the truth and provides a courtroom-ready record of who did what and when. [McAfee Report; 2013 by Stratecast (a unit of Frost & Sullivan)]

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Stuart Buxton

Marketing Manager, Objective Connect

Antony Bauer

Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation