Budget Papers

When your document has to be as accurate as it is good looking

Modernise the way budget-related publications are drafted, reviewed, approved, formatted, and published using automation technology.

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An end-to-end solution for creating planning, policy, and budget documents.

Eliminate the manual process of using outdated tools, spreadsheets, documents, track changes and email trails to manage business-critical documents.

Unlimited authors accelerate the production process, while granular approvals guarantee nothing leaves your authority unchecked.

Collaborative authoring

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Collaborative authoring

Authors and reviewers focus on the words, Objective Keystone will take care of the rest.

Produce documents faster with collaborative authoring

Speed up your project by enabling multiple authors, reviewers and approvers to work on different document content at the same time.

Remove the nightmare and danger of versioning

Individual versioning for granular document components such as infographics, charts, images, text or phrases happens quietly in the background.

Use metadata to manage content

Conditional rules can drive content while fields auto-populate from key product data.

Approve online to verify the content

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Approve online to verify the content

Permanent record of governance at your fingertips.

Ensure compliance with internal processes

Systemise the collection of approvals for each word of your Budget Paper.

Generate a record of everything that happened in a few clicks

Standardise reporting on all approvals and substantiations, generating a comprehensive audit report of every action.

Safeguards in place to protect unverified content

Documents published using that piece of content will contain a watermark saying, 'This document contains unverified content - Not for public distribution’. This ensures that only fully verified documents are published.

Publish with just one click

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Publish with just one click

Publish your web-ready verified Budget Papers at the push of a button.

Leverage the power of one-click publishing

Save time and cost by producing print-ready, digital, and HTML versions with a single click using our publishing engine.

Manage last minute changes and have newly published outputs in second

Make changes and re-publish easily and accurately, without needing and relying on typesetters. Table of contents, page numbers, and styles update without affecting the format.

Easy compare capability

Allow stakeholders to easily compare what has changed between the last version they review to the current version following updates.

Governance and control

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Governance and control

Implement a centralised, purpose built, end-to-end solution.

Implement access control for sensitive information

Access control and content restrictions can be defined for every piece of content (drafting, view, approval, no access).

Control and protection with external parties

Access is governed by user identification and passwords. It can be further strengthened by only accepting access requests from known networks.

Lock down your content once it’s approved

Once approval has been given, the section of content is locked down. You’ll never need to re-review, re-approve it or recheck it for additional changes.

Automate the process

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Automate the process

Manage your documents and stakeholders effectively.

Speed up internal review with automation

Assign specific sections to stakeholders for review. Automatic email notifications flag action is required and ‘review notes’ can be attached to specific sections of content.

Process dashboards for management

See at a glance where your document is in the process; identify bottlenecks and follow up with your team’s tasks.

Publish your document’s approvals trail in an instant

For when you need to show who did what and when. Publish a complete verification certificate showing every edit, note and approval.

An end-to-end solution for planning, policy, and budget document creation.

One purpose-built solution to transform Budget Papers

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Multi-authoring of a single source of the truth revolutionises how you think about your Budget Papers.

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Easily produce a permanent record of governance.

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Rich publishing engine is designed for your print, download, and online content.

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Management dashboards show where you’re at in the document process.

Icon keystone record governance


Speed up the internal review process automating workflows & tasks.

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Governance happens quietly in the background. Every single word version is controlled.


Revolutionise your Budget Papers

Leverage leading-edge automated technology to reduce the complexities of producing Budget Papers.

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