Do you know where all of your data resides?

What sensitive data do you hold? Can you audit it; group it; and act on it?

Assess your current position against industry best practice for compliance and security across your data fabric. Receive an instant report.


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Avoid unnecessary risks when managing distributed data

Complete the survey and see how your organisation compares to your peers.

Receive a report based on 6 key factors

Understand your orgsnisation’s current position across six key areas of distributed information management and governance, along with best-practice recommendations on how to minimise risk in each area.

Quick and easy to use, immediate turnaround

The tool is simple, effective and was designed with government agencies in mind. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and you’ll receive your report immediately.

Identify areas for improvement, benchmark industry best-practice

Whether you're looking to compare yourself against industry best practice or identify areas for improvement in your information security practices, this benchmarking tool will help mitigate data exposure risks and apply governance and security across your data fabric.

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