Produce accurate disclosure collateral, in half the time.

Maintain control; increase process efficiency; protect your IP; and easily produce accurate, on-brand and verified disclosure collateral.

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Manage stakeholders and disclosure documents for accuracy and verification

Keep your disclosure document management production, review, verification and publication in one central system. Bring siloed departments and subject matter experts together to contribute intellectual property. Efficiently and transparently manage content reviews, approvals and verifications.

Publish your collateral in web and print formats directly from our software. Keep track of every step in the process and mitigate risk by easily producing clear evidence of who authored content; who approved it; what was said; and why.

If the Objective Keystone system was taken away from me tomorrow, I would probably resign. I've been working on disclosure documents within the industry for over 2 decades and this system is one which has absolutely transformed our business.

Matthew Jose

Head of Product Management, HUB24

A single, secure and fully audited software system

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A single, secure and fully audited software system

A centralised software brings process transparency and efficiency to drafting and managing content

Remove the nightmare and danger of versioning
Eliminate the time and worry of consolidating multiple individual pieces of feedback. You're always working on the right and latest set of information by keeping all contributors working in one master document.

Eliminate the need to independently monitor and update common content
Common content can be defined centrally, verified in isolation of a product roll and maintained in the Smart Clause Bank. Changes made are instantly cascaded across all relevant disclosure documents.

Bring together multiple siloed departments
Centralise the creation and management of product disclosure documents for a 360-degree view of a document in the product role life cycle.

Manage product rolls faster with ‘Collaborative Authoring’
Allow multiple contributors to simultaneously work on a single source of the truth for your product disclosure content.

Governance, risk and compliance management

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Governance, risk and compliance management

Audit and track of every change and action. Trace decisions back to the individual. Maintain proof of verification in associated content.

Automation speeds up internal review
Assign specific sections to stakeholders for review. Automatic email notifications flag action is required and ‘review notes’ can be attached to specific sections of content.

Verification and attestation certificates clearly show a (digital) paper trail
Automatically generated certificates link directly to the relevant section of a document. Any other supporting commentary associated with that section is included.

Audit, risk and compliance management
Full audit and tracking of every change and action ensures all decisions can be traced back to an individual and all proof is maintained with associated content.

Beautiful, multi-channel, on-brand, verified product disclosure documents

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Beautiful, multi-channel, on-brand, verified product disclosure documents

Easily produce hundreds of variants of print-ready, downloadable or innovative HTML product disclosure across multiple brands

De-couple the design and branding of collateral from the content approval process
Pull verified source content into your collateral; and in doing so remove the human element of copying and pasting from verified content and the risk of designers and typesetters incorrectly using old versions of content.

One-click publishing and automated document formatting
Based on a pre-configured publishing engine, using content sourced directly from a single information repository of verified content. Last minute changes to verified content are easily made and instantly updated across all relevant pieces of collateral giving you complete control.

Effortless brand management and customisation
Automatically re-purpose core content collateral across multiple product family variants, sub-brands and bespoke client offerings with the only variation in the output being branding, badging, product fees and performance data.

This product includes existing user experience functionalities and behaviours. Evolved user interface will be available in the future.

Purpose-built automation software replaces manual disclosure management

Free up stakeholders to focus on content, compliance and publishing.

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For Product Managers

Control content in a single master document. Supported by process automation as well as cross portfolio common content specification approval and re-use.

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For Risk & Governance Officers

Full audit and tracking of every document ensures all decisions can be traced back to an individual. Proof is maintained with associated content. Content is versioned at the document, section and paragraph level.

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For Marketing Teams

Separately designed and managed on brand templates for print and HTML documents. Verified content is directly sourced and automatically incorporated.

Cut the time it takes to produce a product roll by up to 40%
Fit-for-purpose software specifically for product disclosure management and production.

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Re-usable content improves productivity whilst minimising inconsistencies, errors and stakeholder fatigue.

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Easily produce a Verification Certificate for your Due Diligence Committee or an internal sign-off.

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Whether you have one or one hundred brands, our publishing software is here for your print, download and HTML content.

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With built-in governance, every single edit, review and approval is recorded.

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Management dashboards show where you’re at in your product rolls and business as usual disclosure changes.

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Easily bring external parties into your document lifecycle so you can track and evidence every stakeholder's input.

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Using Objective Keystone we can now do fee uploads via Excel. Within 5 minutes those fees are cascaded across 20 different documents.

William Gerges

Manager, Disclosure

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Intuitive disclosure management software transforming HUB24

HUB24 is ensuring better financial futures with document process transformation using Objective Keystone.

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Delivering efficiencies for Fund Managers

Improve efficiency and deliver governance to the process of drafting, verifying and publishing disclosure documents.

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Objective Keystone prioritises security

Discover how Objective Keystone addresses each of the core tenants of information security; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.


Easily produce accurate disclosure collateral, in less than half the time

Discover where your processes fit within industry best-practice. Use these insights to build a case for change in your product disclosure management process.

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