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Ensuring people are safe, secure and well at work

Improve safety outcomes with software designed to support regulators in keeping workplaces healthy and safe.

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Improve workplace health, safety and wellbeing with the one powerful end-to-end solution

Imagine a single, reliable source of compliance data that supports the end-to-end regulatory management of workplace health and safety.

Objective RegWorks is a specialised system designed to do just this. It helps regulators manage all aspects of workplace health and safety, from complaints management, inspections, statutory reporting right through to stakeholder education.

A flexible, user friendly system, it allows for tailored workflows, streamlined processes and adaptability. Adjust to changes in legislation and business requirements without costly IT projects and delays.

End-to-end regulation

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End-to-end regulation

Manage end-to-end regulatory and compliance functions within the one system.

Track all aspects of compliance

Track, manage and report on complaints, incidents, investigations, inspections, education and enforcement activities.

Systems rules aligned with legislation

Implement rules based on legislation within workflows. Easily alter rules to reflect changes in legislation and ensure compliance across the organisation.

Powerful regulatory reporting

Access a rich central repository of data and capture the information required for regulatory reporting, court proceedings and strategic project planning.

Streamlined processes

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Streamlined processes

Improve processes and drive productivity.

Automated, efficient processing

Replace highly manual tasks, create consistent processes and reduce the risk of error. Save time and costs, freeing up resources to work on focus on important and high-risk areas.

Transparent workflow management

Users can manage their tasks using dashboards while managers can view processing status in real-time, helping them manage their team’s workload.

Standardised business processes

Create consistent processes across the organisation and systemise disparate work practices. Access our best practice workflow library as a base and refine by adding your own rules.

Intelligent decision-making

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Intelligent decision-making

Make decisions with confidence based on fast, accurate and reliable data when and how you need it.

Fast access to information from anywhere

With seamless multi-device technology, users can carry out inspections and audits in either online or offline mode. Collect information, connect seamlessly with agency offices, and increase access to vital information in the field.

Intelligent outputs

Instantly access detailed information to enhance the capabilities of investigators, inspectors and operational teams. System generated documents include checklists, reports, and notifications.

Adjustable business rules

Set business rules and adjust workflows to reflect changes in legislation and business processes, ensuring compliance across the organisation. Includes drag-and-drop functionality, role-based permissions and security controls.

Objective RegWorks appealed to us because of its highly configurable nature, and the fact that it’s specifically tailored to supporting the full suite of regulatory, enforcement, compliance and education functions.

Julia Oakley

Executive General Manager at ReturnToWorkSA

Features that help you monitor compliance and ensure people are safe at work.

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Seamless integration

Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs

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Intuitive user experience

Designed specifically for regulation, our UX is focused on having the right information where you need it, minimising clicks and delighting users.

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Replace manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and improve productivity across the organisation.

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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Real-time reporting

Create a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards in minutes, so you can monitor your performance.

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Powerful search

Easily find what you need. Avoid creation of duplicate records with proactive controls that notify you of similar records.

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Single source of data

Create a single source of reliable, accurate information that can be accessed in the office and on the field.

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Ensuring people are safe, secure and well at work

Improve safety outcomes with software designed to support regulators in keeping workplaces healthy and safe.

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