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Specialist firearms licensing and registry technology for Police

We enable Police with our specialist firearms licensing, registry and management software. Continually improve public safety and security with the help of a powerful, end-to-end regulatory solution.

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Transform the firearms licensing and registration experience

Objective RegWorks delivers an end-to-end firearms registration and licensing system to protect the public from the harm that may be caused by the misuse of firearm items. Meet the highest security requirements appropriate to the highly sensitive nature of firearms information through our proven solution.

Manage the information related to arms (firearms, parts, ammunition, and other restricted weapons), firearms licensing and the activities associated with the possession and use of firearms.

A single source of truth that enables greater oversight of the number and location of firearms items and who holds them.

Adapt to changes within the regulatory ecosystem via unrivalled flexibility and self-configuration capability.

Modern channels for applicants to submit applications, manage their details, review progress of their application, and make payments online.

Integrate with existing Police systems that support intelligence.

    A single view of firearms data

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    A single view of firearms data

    Enabling intelligence-led safety compliance monitoring and enforcement of firearms and regulated entities.

    A single licensing platform

    An end-to-end solution that manages licences, renewals, permits, registration, transfers, fees, dealer inventory and sales transactions/registration, arms storage audits, inspections, interviews, club certification compliance monitoring and much more.

    View history of firearms

    Leverage a complete view of all entities and their history such as previous or current registrations. Access historical records for both individuals and firearms. This includes data retrieved from other systems.

    Mobile solution

    RegWorks Mobile enables frontline officers to perform field inspections with dynamic checklists and real-time data integrated to backend systems. RegWorks Mobile eliminates duplicate data entry, avoids rework due to missing information, and ensures consistency across all workflows.

    Bring your data together, securely

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    Bring your data together, securely

    Security of the platform

    Regular and rigorous audits hold us to the highest security standards. Our security best practices enhance security, privacy, and legal compliance.

    Integrate with internal application

    Objective RegWorks integrates with your commonly used tools via frameworks and APIs, including document management, CAD, CRMs, portals, finance and more. Operational policing can exchange data with the firearms solution.

    Identification and access management

    Objective RegWorks provides online services in one secure place for individuals and members of organisations. Users can securely login using their trusted digital identity and conduct transactions based on their role. Organisations can delegate different access control levels to different users.

    Proven experience

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    Proven experience

    Benefit from an existing firearms licensing solution.

    Case study

    Objective have implemented New Zealand’s Firearms Safety Authority's licensing and registration solution for over 250,000 New Zealand Firearms license holders. 

    Tried and tested experience

    At Objective we specialise in implementing, maintaining and supporting best-practice firearms solutions from working with customers in the licensing, registration, compliance and enforcement domains. We have the end-to-end capability, experience, and infrastructure to deliver a firearms registration and licensing system.

    Our team of experts

    Objective’s team of professionals are experts in delivering firearms solutions with our regulatory platform. We can de-risk the delivery through locally available personnel with existing registry and licensing business processes.

    Improved community experience and processes

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    Improved community experience and processes

    Enable online self-service

    Use RegWorks Gateway for individuals, clubs, dealers, retailers and importers. Users can submit applications, provide additional information, receive responses and notifications, and track the status of current applications.

    Automate manual processes

    Powerful automation and elimination of duplicate data entry to fully support your legislative responsibilities while reducing effort and facilitating faster responses to customers.

    Utilise Firearms Reference data

    Simplify the registration and permitting process through a comprehensive up-to-date set of firearms reference data sourced globally that can be selected within your workflows including manufacturer, model, action, calibre and more.

    Te Tari Pūreke is about keeping people safe and at the same time providing effective services to our firearms licence holders.[1]

    Angela Brazier

    Firearms Safety Authority Executive Director

    Objective RegWorks end-to-end regulatory system can be used to help police manage licensing, compliance, and enforcement processes in the areas of; Bail management, Report: lost property, custody, high-risk driving behaviours, including drink, drug, speed, distracted, theft, fraud property damage, robbery, forensics, organised crime and prisoner transfer. Talk to our team of experts to find out more today.

    [1] https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/launch-te-tari-p%C5%ABreke-firearms-safety-authority

    Features that help deliver exceptional Police work and improve community outcomes.

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    Seamless integration

    Readily integrate with enterprise systems including document management, CRMs, portals and more with standard APIs

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    Capture evidence in the field

    Enable Police Officers the capability to capture information in the field, with automatic uploading for later reviewing and retrieval.

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    Real-time reporting

    Monitor performance using real-time information captured within a single view for operational, management and KPI dashboards.

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    Replace manual processes, reduce the risk of errors and improve productivity across the Police Force.

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    Easily upgraded

    Upgrade to the latest version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle.

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    Single source of data

    Create a single source of reliable, accurate information to drive transparent, consistent decisions. Accessible in the office and on the field.



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    Reinforcing Police with specialist technology to help keep us safe

    Reduce crime and violence and improve public safety with the help of a powerful, end-to-end regulatory solution and Police firearms licensing, registry and management system.

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