Planning and Engagement

Revolutionising a fragmented planning policy process

Cut the time it takes to process, analyse and respond to thousands of pieces of community feedback.

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End-to-end solution for your local plans, development plans and policies

Gather evidence, draft, consult, publish and spatially enable plans and policies from a single streamlined system. 

Ensure inclusivity and analyse community representations in real time with a range of engagement and reporting tools.

Gather evidence

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Gather evidence

Create, gather, analyse all technical documents in one tool.

Readily available templates

Accelerate your output by leveraging templates for your research and technical documents already in the system. Simply fill in the relevant sections with the details from your local planning authority.

Connect the chain of evidence

Link all evidence gathering from preliminary reports and assessments, right through to engagement with the community. Objective Keyplan gathers all information and ties it together with the local plan and policies from development to the final plan.

Advanced reporting capability

At a glance, easily see the status of your consultation with a range of reports: submission report, consultee report, and further submissions.


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Draft local plans, development plans, and policies in a centralised platform.

Multiple authors, single document

Eliminate the time-consuming task of collating various source inputs; wrangling spreadsheets, managing huge files or dealing with the dreaded Word corruption issues. Multiple authors, internal or external, can work on the same document, at the same time.

Create content once, re-use anywhere

Ensure your documents are always accurate. Centrally manage master policy content, then embed it in your various plans, any updates are automatically reflected.

Version control

Every change made is automatically tracked and each paragraph or section can be easily rolled back. Document versions can be compared to quickly produce schedules showing all differences as requested in examination.


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Manage and process all engagement and consultee responses efficiently.

Be inclusive – widen participation to everyone

Objective Keyplan is the only solution that allows you to allocate response points in manual representations, in the same way as digital responses, for comprehensive management and reporting.

Tag responses to significantly reduce time

Save hours, days, and months of manual processing by easily tagging all responses and linking them back to various consultation points in the draft plan. Tag an individual consultee to provide detail making it easy to manage responses.

Sentiment analysis

Get an instant gauge of the community mood represented by emojis allowing you to filter through the responses and provide an auto-generated or custom response.

Consultation database

Securely collect, store and manage records of all current, pending and historical consultations. Search and access records with ease. Narrow down to a specific neighbourhood for consultations.


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Create branded documents with multi-channel, multi-language support.

Rich publishing engine

Hosted on a dedicated engagement portal publish documents to HTML or PDF for the community to easily access.

Support multiple languages

Multi-language support makes it easier to be inclusive and meet your statutory compliance.

Demonstrate tracked changes to the Planning Inspector or Reporter

Proposed change functionality simplifies the process of producing a schedule of minor or major changes. Demonstrate the changes made to a plan based on public consultation by sending an annotated "tracked changes" version to the Planning Inspector or Reporter.

Spatial enablement

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Spatial enablement

Digitise a plan beyond a static PDF.

GIS mapping

Deliver an interactive mapping experience by surfacing your live corporate GIS data. Consultees can browse, search and filter geospatially to find information, policies, regulations, and updates relevant to their location.

Allow the community to customise the map

Consultees can choose specific areas and tailor their map view, allowing you to gather community data effectively. Encourage feedback from residents by allowing pin drops and specify boundaries of a site to the area of interest.

Keep the community up to date

Give the community the option to subscribe to a location and receive notifications when you release new or updated information relevant to their location.

Enhance collaboration between your authority and community

Support all stakeholders throughout the planning policy process

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Benefits for Community

Enhanced multi-channel engagement, supporting wider participation

Better experience via more interactive and dynamic documents

Improved decision-making transparency and feedback

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Benefits for Planners

Reduced overhead for producing and updating documents

Accelerated collection, review and feedback of stakeholder responses

More reliable and feature-rich co-authoring of documents

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Benefits for Authority

More consistent and collaborative planning lifecycle

Compliant and efficient engagement processes

Single system to handle the entire planning policy process

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Gather evidence, draft, consult and publish

Transform your planning policy process with automation technology.

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Unlimited Co-Authors

Allow contributors inside and outside your authority to co-author your planning documents.

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Extensive Consultation Points

Embed consultation feedback points to individual paragraphs, maps, images and video content.

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Enable inclusivity

Leading edge technology to handle all sources of representations held on any platform both manual and digital.

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Multi-Channel Publishing

Publish print-ready PDF, HTML or directly to the Keyplan engagement portal.

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Consultee / Stakeholder Database

Securely collect, store and manage records of all current, pending and historical consultations. Search and access records with ease.

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Instant Reports

Generate a record ready for the Planning Inspector or Reporter to review.

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Revolutionising a fragmented planning policy process

Cut the time it takes to process, analyse and respond to thousands of pieces of community feedback.

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