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Federated information governance

Tame the data sprawl. Discover, organise and manage enterprise information, from one place.

Full visibility. Centralised control. At scale.

Built for complex environments with terabytes of data, Objective 3Sixty connects information sources across your enterprise so you can discover, organise and manage your information from a single control centre.

Visualise and tag information, manage records in-place, transfer documents for long-term retention, from wherever it resides.

Connect all your information repositories

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More than 50 connectors, give you visibility of information: EDRMS, M365, file sharing apps, data storage and more. Or develop your own with our feature-rich API.

Start with your major repositories and add more when ready.


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For a complete picture of information throughout your enterprise.

Connect your siloed information

Connectors for M365, all major EDRMS, file-sharing, CRM, ERP, email and data storage applications; on premises or cloud. Discover content from all corners of your organisation.

An enterprise-wide digital information register

Once connected, create a digital information register of all the information across your enterprise. Know where information is and what needs to be managed. Demonstrating compliance is easy. And the unprecedented access to information reveals deeper insights for your teams.

Federated search across your entire organisation

Search for, locate and access content, wherever it resides, within seconds. Secure access rights, permissions and policies prevent users from seeing protected or sensitive information.

Visualise and organise

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Visualise and organise

Classify, organise and aggregate content from all information sources

Identify and tag your content for easier management

Find similar information across your repositories. Build aggregated views that pinpoints duplicates and flags sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII).

Take action in bulk

Use jobs and tasks to reduce the overhead of manual processing. Once aggregated, split metadata, extract metadata from paths, check for duplicates, OCR documents, leverage computer vision to add labels, identify and tag sensitive information and so much more.

Enhance your e-discovery capabilities

Freedom of Information requests, legal discovery, audits, or online investigations can all be managed from Objective 3Sixty. Place legal holds on documents, export documents or create XML outputs to import into external discovery tools.

Records management, your way

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Records management, your way

Manage content in place or transfer content to your corporate EDRMS

Manage your records in-place

Classify documents as records without moving or duplicating content from its system of origin ensuring records management happens transparently in the background. Apply policy, permission and disposal rules centrally from Objective 3Sixty.

Ensure long-term retention

If a policy requires specific documents to be preserved for long term storage, Objective 3Sixty can simply transfer content to your chosen on premise or SaaS EDRMS.

Decommission your legacy systems

Streamline the migration process when decommissioning legacy systems. Utilise the visualisation capabilities of Objective 3Sixty to migrate high volumes of files, metadata, version history and permissions from multiple systems in one streamlined process.

Features to help manage all of your information

Discover, organise and manage your information with ease

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Pre-built connectors to discover content from all of your information sources.

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Federated Search

Search across all content silos while ensuring security and integrity.

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Intelligent Clustering

Advanced clustering makes it easy to see common content types, topics or classes across data sources.

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Bulk Actions

Classify and tag information in bulk. Update metadata, extract entity information, identify PII, de-duplicate, remove ROT.

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Records in place

Compliance without moving or duplicating content. Manage policy, permission and disposal rules in-place.

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Long term retention

Transfer and migrate content to your EDRMS when long term preservation is required.


Discover how Objective 3Sixty can help you tame the data sprawl in your organisation.

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Insight Paper

Tame the Content Sprawl

This paper discusses a new innovative approach to taming the information or content sprawl.

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Product Brief

Objective 3Sixty

Federated Information Governance. Discover, organise and manage enterprise information from multiple sources.

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Objective 3Sixty Webinar: Taming the Content Sprawl

Watch the on-demand recording to hear about what we learned from speaking to CIOs across the public sector and regulated industries.

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Federated information governance

Tame the data sprawl. Discover, organise and manage enterprise information, from one place.

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