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Secure External File Collaboration

Ultimate protection over sensitive information shared with trusted partners, agencies and nations.

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The file sharing platform we all agree on and trust.

Designed specifically for government and regulated industries, Objective Connect is a secure IRAP-assessed external file sharing application that gives complete control over the information you share outside your organisation.

Extend your internal information governance externally. Maintain control over shared documents. Collaborate across devices, across teams or across the world. Maintain one version of the truth. Record who did what and when. All from one solution.


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Peace of mind that your data is always safe, secure and hosted on Australian soil

Security isn’t something you claim. It’s something you prove

Objective Connect is certified for global ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards, consistent with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Information Security Manual (ISM) and independently IRAP assessed for Sensitive and Protected data.


Objective Connect is purpose-built for government, critical infrastructure, regulated industries and teams collaborating with confidential information. From ISO, IRAP assessed, local hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to embedded Anti-Virus, 2-step verification, native encryption and protection across devices, we’ve done the hard work to make secure file sharing easy.

End-to end protection

Objective Connect integrates seamlessly with Objective Nexus and Content Manager, so your internal information governance framework is automatically applied to prevent unauthorised or uncontrolled sharing.


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Seamless integration with Objective Nexus or Content Manager means you can share files in one click

Existing information policies and permissions are checked first

Choose what documents can be sent externally, by sharing containers of documents directly from your existing file plan. Before any document is shared, all access controls, security levels and caveats are checked.

Maintain a single source of truth

Two-way synchronisation with your existing file plan ensures everyone is kept up to date. Any file you receive is automatically filed in the correct location, and flagged to ensure your metadata is always accurate.

See at a glance what's been shared

Objective Nexus and Content Manager show on screen prompts, so you know exactly what is being shared externally and who is doing the sharing.


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Lock down your content, from preview through to edit

You are in charge of who does what

Set the abilities of each user within every Workspace, to match the needs and legal requirements of individual projects. In one click you can grant new abilities to download, upload, edit, share, add comments and invite participants while existing permissions, classifications, shares and caveats are applied automatically.

For their eyes only

When your documents are extremely sensitive, set a Workspace to be preview-only. Documents can be shared, but never downloaded. Every page is watermarked with the participants’ email address and time stamped.

Instant updates keep you across everything

Email notifications update you as soon as a participant takes action - from accepting a Workspace invitation to uploading or downloading documents.


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Protect your organisation by providing full disclosure on every interaction, on every document, every time

Know exactly what happened across the entire collaboration event

Whether it is an FOI request or resolving a dispute, Objective Connect captures every interaction. From when an invite was accepted - to a document downloaded - to comments made - you’re able to prove in seconds who did what and when.

Let your audit data tell the true story

Unique to Objective Connect is the Workspace Record. Produced in seconds, this easy-to-consume report gives you the full picture of who had access to your information and the actions they took, no matter how small.

Comply with your records management obligations

Transactional audit reports can be produced at any time, providing the granularity that is required by records and information managers. Seamless integration to the audit trail in Objective Nexus or Content Manager is always kept up to date.


Objective Connect delivers all of the features you need to collaborate securely with anyone outside your organisation

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Collaborate on documents

Add from your EDRMS or drag and drop into Objective Connect and they’ll be available for anyone you’ve invited to the secure workspace.

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Capture conversations

Conduct conversations and instantly alert a participant by mentioning their name. Direct attention to specific documents and actions.

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Control tasks

Create tasks to acknowledge, review and approve decisions. Inbuilt audit trail deliver complete transparency including who did what and when.

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Complete mobility

Available as both an iOS and an Android app, Objective Connect is ideal for distributing committee papers or enabling a mobile workforce.

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Online preview

There’s no need to create local copies. Review Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Image, Video and Audio without the need to download.

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M365 online editing

Give your external participants the ability to co-author a document online without the need to download a local copy.

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Mark up

Each user can create private and public annotations, margin notes and mark ups. Preserve all mark ups and create new documents in one click.

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Add organisational branding

Customise the look of your collaboration workspaces to match a brand that external users know and trust.

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Bulk transmittal

Streamline the external transmittal of large numbers of documents. Share directly from your EDRMS, and provide ‘batch download’ to external parties.

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Create workspaces in 60 seconds

Objective Connect removes any IT overhead. If a secure workspace is required it can be provisioned in 60 seconds by business users.

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Unlimited users

Unlimited users both internal and external to your organisation – only pay for how much content you share. It’s free for anyone you want to collaborate with.

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Government grade security

Hosted locally in IRAP-assessed Amazon Web Services (AWS) zones to ensure the highest level of protection and data sovereignty.

It helped us within hours of going live… this saved me several hours of trawling the audit trail and explaining to the team.

Andy Parker

Information and Records Manager

Securely share files from anywhere

All of the capabilities of a workspace in the palm of your hand.

View workspaces you have created, or been invited to, collaborate on documents, manage participants, capture comments and control tasks. You can even run a Workspace Record.

Because the security is there, we know we can safely transfer and receive data - and be confident the information is safe and secure the minute we get it.

Kate Broom

Data and Systems Support Officer, Middlesbrough Council

More than 200 organisations worldwide rely on Objective Connect to share content securely

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Objective Connect H white - 2024

When you need to know who did what and when.

Ultimate protection over your information, when you share it with anyone outside your organisation.

We’re here to help you file-share securely with anyone.

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