Define an allow list of domains and email addresses

Reduce the chance of unauthorised access by only allowing workspace invites to participants from this list.

Easy to define and maintain for administrators, a trusted list enhances Objective Connect’s comprehensive security measures, reducing the risk of unauthorised disclosure.

Configured by administrators at the Workgroup level, the trusted list ensures users can only invite trusted participants to Workspaces.

Addressing the insider threat

There is an increased awareness that the insider threat poses a significant risk to both government and non-government entities. Insider threat is when an employee or contractor, current or former, uses their access to conduct activities that could cause harm.

Insiders who pose a threat are categorised as ‘intentional’ or ‘unintentional’. The former act deliberately or knowingly betrays the trust placed in them. The latter are accidental or negligent insiders who inadvertently or unknowingly betray the trust placed in them.

Actively managing the insider risk when sharing sensitive information with external parties is an essential part of an organisation establishing and maintaining an effective insider threat program.

The addition of Trusted List compliments and enhances the existing comprehensive security features of Objective Connect. Quick to configure, this new feature has been designed to mitigate the potential insider threat to sensitive information.

David Johnstone

VP, Objective Connect

How it works

  • At the workgroup level - administrators define the Trusted List of emails and domains.
  • At a workspace level - participant email addresses are validated against the Trusted List at invite stage, with unvalidated emails blocked.

Getting started is easy. Administrators have a range of options available, including the Connect Public API, to quickly populate and maintain their Trusted List. Allowlist validation will apply to all new participant invitations, existing workspace participants will retain access regardless of their Trusted List status.

Visit the Objective Connect Help Centre review the detailed instructions before activating the Trusted List for a Workgroup. If you have any questions about configuring the Trusted List please contact your customer success manager.

Further Reading

When addressing Insider Threat, we encourage customers to conduct their own research. We have found this guide from the Australian Attorney General’s Department useful.