Climate-Related Disclosure

Simplifying Climate Reporting for Australian companies

Produce accurate and efficient climate reporting while minimising the risk of errors, in one streamlined solution.

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Draft, approve, publish and manage climate-related disclosure with efficiency, at scale

The Albanese Government is committed to modernise our financial system, provide greater information and clarity to investors, and incentivise investment in the net zero transformation with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Financial Market Infrastructure and other measures) Bill.

Objective Keystone is a solution that provides governance to the process of producing, reviewing, verifying and publishing disclosure documents. Produce accurate and compliant climate-related disclosure with a fit-for-purpose tool.

Climate change will drive some of the most profound changes to businesses. Companies are facing increasing pressure from investors to disclose more meaningful information related to climate change risks. International regulators are already responding to climate-related disclosures.

Paul Dobson

Partner, Climate & Sustainability, Deloitte


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A centralised system brings process transparency and efficiency to drafting and managing content.

Eliminate stakeholder fatigue and duplication

Update and approve the common content once and use it many times throughout your Climate-Related Financial Disclosure and Annual Reports.

Produce documents faster with collaborative authoring

Speed up your project by enabling multiple authors, reviewers, and approvers to work on different document content at the same time. Ensure all stakeholders accurately reflect the company’s climate-related risks, opportunities and commitments.

Write once, use throughout

Metadata saves time and eliminates errors by allowing you to apply conditional rules and auto-populate fields with any terms you set up. Easily re-use your positioning, governance, strategy, risk management and metrics.


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Audit and track of every change and action. Trace decisions back to an individual.

Ensure compliance with internal processes

Systemise the collection of approvals for every word of your Climate-Related Financial Disclosure and Annual Reports to mitigate error.

Generate a record of everything that happened

Standardise reporting on all approvals and substantiations, generate a comprehensive audit report of every action.

Re-publish easily and accurately knowing that governance has been met

Implement safeguards that instantly identify when approved content has been edited and get notified immediately.


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Easily produce print-ready, downloadable Climate-Related Financial Disclosure.

Leverage the powerful publishing engine

Save time producing Web PDF, Print PDF, HTML, to a Portal, and as XML of your disclosure document with a single click using our rich publishing engine.

Manage last minute changes and have newly published outputs in seconds

Make changes and re-publish easily and accurately without relying on typesetters. Tables of contents, page numbers, and styles update without affecting the underlying layout.

Compare versions with a built-in traffic light system

Run a comparison to any previous version of the output. At a glance, you’ll see all the content that has changed between versions, clearly indicated in red and green.


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Report on the due diligence process through a range of comprehensive tools.

Tasks and workflow to drive team activity

Automatic task assignment and activity tracking frees up your time from admin to focus on the content.

Produce reports for management

Immediately see where each piece of content in a document is, in the process; identify bottlenecks and follow up with your team’s tasks.

Publish a document’s approval trail in an instant

For when you need to show who did what, and when. Publish a complete verification certificate showing every edit, note and approval.

This product includes existing user experience functionalities and behaviours. Evolved user interface will be available in the future.

Automation technology replaces manual disclosure

Fit-for-purpose software streamlines production and publication of Climate-Related Financial Disclosure, while delivering governance.

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Re-usable content improves productivity whilst minimising inconsistency, errors and stakeholder fatigue.

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Easily produce a Verification Certificate for your Due Diligence Committee or an internal sign-off.

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Whether you have one or one hundred brands, our publishing system is here for your print, download and online content.

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With built-in governance, every single edit, review and approval is recorded.

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Management dashboards show where you’re at in your product rolls and business as usual disclosure changes.

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Easily bring external parties into your document lifecycle so you can track and evidence every stakeholder's input.

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You're in good company

Objective is trusted by Financial Services Organisations around the world for the drafting and management of Financial Disclosure.

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Information to help begin your journey to automated Climate-Related Financial Disclosure management today.

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Using Objective Keystone we can now do fee uploads via Excel. Within 5 minutes those fees are cascaded across 20 different documents.

William Gerges

Manager, Disclosure

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Solution Overview

Simplifying Climate Reporting

Find out how you can automate your Climate-Related Financial Disclosure management.

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Product Brief

Objective Keystone - Regulated Document Production

Draft, approve, comply and publish regulated documents. All from one platform.

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Objective Keystone Security

Discover how Objective Keystone addresses each of the core tenants of information security; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.


Simplify climate-related disclosure

Significantly reduce the time it takes to produce climate statements, using one streamlined solution.

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