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When your document has to be as accurate as it is good looking

Draft, approve and publish documents with speed and accuracy. All from a single platform.

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Creating critical documents just got easier

Automate and manage the entire document production lifecycle. Draft, review, approve and publish complex documents with complete visibility and accountability.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple software applications forever.

Draft documents

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Draft documents

You focus on the words. We’ll take care of the rest.

Work on the words, not the format

No matter who is adding content to your document, you won’t waste valuable time reformatting, because publishing templates are built to your exact requirements.

Cascade a change across multiple documents

Updates to common clauses or images can be applied in the common content library and cascaded through all relevant documents instantly.

Eliminate the risk of ‘missing something’

Remove the headache of multiple document versions by having everyone work on a single source of the truth.

Produce documents faster with collaborative authoring

Speed up your project by enabling multiple authors, reviewers and approvers to work on different document content at the same time.


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Your stakeholders’ time is scarce: use it wisely with a faster, more efficient approval process.

Reduce the burden of multiple rounds of reviews with multiple stakeholders

Assign team members, subject matter experts, managers and executives specific sections of a document for review and approval.

Collect supporting evidence, while you work

Editor and reviewer notes can be added as contextual information. As comments and changes are made at a content and document level, approvers can save time thanks to having all supporting evidence at their fingertips without needing to open other files.

Lock your content once it’s approved; verify any changes

Once approval has been given, lock that section of content. If a change is made by a colleague, manager, graphic designer or typesetter, a watermark is applied to notify the team that verification is required. 


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Say goodbye to Word style battles and your reliance on typesetters.

When you’re ready to publish, do it in one click

Save time producing Web PDF, Print PDF, HTML, to a Portal, and as XML, with a single click using our multi-target publishing engine.

Re-publish easily without the pressure

Easily make last-minute changes and republish in one click without requiring an internal or external typesetter, graphic designer or publisher.

On-brand content

Content is always on-brand, giving Brand Managers peace of mind.


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Manage your documents and stakeholders effectively.

Use tasks and workflow to drive team activity

Choose between simple and advanced workflows to direct your team through the document lifecycle. Tasks are automatically assigned, activity is always tracked, reducing your admin time and allowing you to focus on the content. 

Process dashboards for management

See at a glance where your document is in the process; identify bottlenecks and follow up with your team’s tasks. Change history, version management, content approvals, comments and actions are all audited and tracked.

Instantly publish document approval history

Publish a complete verification certificate showing every edit, note and approval. Fully audited review, verification and sign-off processes are managed using workflows.


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Centralised governance increases efficiency and enables you to comply with regulations.

Generate a record of everything that happened in a few clicks

Identify common content, extract a comprehensive audit of every action, view historic versions of document along with supporting notes and contextual information. 

Comply with internal processes and regulatory obligations

Workflow can trigger fully audited reviews, verifications and sign-offs, so that you can demonstrate who has reviewed what content, when. 

Easy sign-offs for legal and executives

Verification certificates detail evidence points for key statements and performance data.

This product includes existing user experience functionalities and behaviours. Evolved user interface will be available in the future.

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Using Objective Keystone we can now do fee uploads via Excel. Within 5 minutes those fees are cascaded across 20 different documents.

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Manager, Disclosure

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Draft, approve, comply and publish regulated documents. All from one platform.

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Objective Keystone H white - 2024

When your document has to be as accurate as it is good looking

Draft, approve and publish documents with speed and accuracy. All from a single platform.

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