Managed Services

Accelerate system efficiency

Outsource the management and administration of your Objective solution to our skilled experts.

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Reliability, improved performance and greater user adoption

Objective Managed Services optimises your Objective ECM solution across the spectrum of technical performance, business optimisation and database management.

We work with customers ranging from 40 to 6000 users, improving system performance, end user experience and providing customers valuable insights into system usage. It’s a cost effective, low-risk approach for enterprise systems; delivering optimal service levels for system availability and minimal response times should any issues arise.

Technical Services

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Technical Services

Ensure your application is reliable and optimised, with a range of proactive technical application administration services under a fixed fee, fixed outcome model.

Maximise uptime

We deploy advanced solution monitoring and proactive event management to ensure maximum system availability.

Performance metrics

We benchmark your system performance and user adoption against all of our customers to understand where improvements can be made and work with you to make them.

Tailor services to suit your needs

Choose from configurable support hours, solution health checks and regular upgrades.

Business Services

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Business Services

Ensure the governance delivered by your Objective ECM solution is aligned to best-practice, today and over time.

Standard services

  • File plan and folder hierarchy management
  • User and Group management
  • Security model management
  • Objective model management
  • Workflow best practice support

Best-practice extension services

  • Yearly business health checks
  • Education courses
  • Search process improvement program

Hosting Services

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Hosting Services

Move to the cloud with best-in-class management of the underlying technology stack.

Microsoft Azure

Objective ECM is hosted on Azure while our specialist team manages the subscription, network infrastructure and database. We host production and non-production ECM workloads, in a dedicated tenancy with configurable service parameters.

Hosting models

Models include high availability and disaster recovery to achieve maximum uptime.

Management Services

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Database Management
  • Backup & Restoration Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management

Expect to see these kinds of benefits

Real results from real Objective customers.

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Img managed services 99pc availability
Img managed services 50pc reduction resolution
Img managed services 300pc roi
Img managed services 120 years experience
Img managed services 25pc less incidents

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Subscribing to Objective Managed Services has freed up our staff allowing us to leverage our investment in Objective.

We know that support is only a phone call or email away and while our issues are resolved, our staff can focus on business outcomes.

Pauline Thomson

Chief Financial Office, Unitywater, QLD

Accelerate system efficiency

Outsource the management and administration of your Objective solution to our skilled experts.

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