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Do more with Objective Trapeze Professional.

Explore the latest version of Objective Trapeze, watch new features in action and learn about what’s coming next.

Work faster. Work smarter.

Objective Trapeze Professional takes the tools that planners and building surveyors love to the next level.

Introducing a sleek, intuitive interface and smart new tools designed to help you assess digital plans faster.

Assess digital plans faster

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Assess digital plans faster

Sleek new interface.

Objective Trapeze Professional comes with a sleek, dark and streamlined new interface that’s designed to be smarter, more intuitive and simply powerful.

No more clutter. Less distractions.

The new layout means you can efficiently organise your workspace and get all the real estate you need to focus on your plans. No more clutter. Less distractions.

Work faster and smarter with the right tools at your fingertips.

Easier access to tools and streamlined navigation helps you get work done faster.

Easily compare documents

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Easily compare documents

Quickly compare two versions of a document.

Rather than tediously comparing two documents page by page to identify changes, Document Compare does it all for you. By performing a pixel-by-pixel analysis, Objective Trapeze automatically detects and highlights changes across multiple pages in documents such as plans, architectural and engineering drawings.

And catch any sneaky changes.

We've all reviewed revisions to find that a balcony had been extended or a building had been given a completely different footprint than what was shown in previous plans. Document Compare allows you to take a closer look and quickly spot variations on pages by highlighting the changes in colour, so you never miss a sneaky change again.

Introducing Smart Stamping

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Introducing Smart Stamping

Objective Trapeze finds the best spot (so you don’t have to).

Smart Stamping automatically detects clear space, and places stamps in the best possible location on each page, significantly speeding up your approval process.

Do it in seconds.

Stamp a 100-page application in a few mouse clicks, without having to flick through all the pages to identify which stamps are covering information or drawings.

The flexibility to review – and move – stamps around.

Save time by only reviewing the pages where insufficient clear space was found. Stamps are able to be repositioned the way you want.

Greater control over printing

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Greater control over printing

Even the most digital organisations resort to paper once in a while. For those times when you need to print, we’ve made the experience better for you.

Print the way you need to, with full control.

Easily adjust your preferences, such as page size, paper handling, orientation and format, and see the pages you're about to print with Print Preview.

Improvements to print performance, so you can print faster.

Print documents, large and small, much faster with improved printing performance.

New features and enhancements you’ll love

Upgrade today to take advantage of these time-saving features.

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Offset Line Annotation

Easily perform offset measurement assessments from a straight line and configure presets of specific length.

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Objective ECM integration

Enhanced integration with Objective ECM version 10.4.2 and above.

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Ultra-high res display support

Enjoy a beautiful, crisp rendering on ultra-high definition monitors with supported versions of Windows® 10.

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Quick Settings

Easily access and configure settings, such as Keyboard shortcuts, default Scale, Zoom behaviour, and more!

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Microsoft® Surface Dial

Use Surface Dial to navigate documents and manipulate tools, such as Document Compare.

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UX enhancements

Improved cursor and mouse wheel behaviour, units defaulting to regional settings, and more.

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Faster performance

Up to 2 times faster start-up, file opening and saving times.

Upgrade or Buy

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More smart features that will make planners and building surveyors' lives easier.

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Complex measurements made simple

Embrace odd-shaped measurements! Draw smart Shapes then add and subtract areas to calculate site coverage or floor space ratio, no matter how complex.

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Keep track with layers

Layers capture all of your measurements. No more post-it notes. Easier to manage, easier to edit later.

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Communicate visually with powerful mark-ups tools

Easily turn Shapes into Annotations, tweak colours, add borders, edit, move, and rotate the way you need, in just a few clicks.

Local company, local customers

Almost 300 councils in Australia and New Zealand rely on Objective Trapeze to assess digital plans faster.

Our teams are based in Australia and New Zealand. Take advantage of experts who understand local government and planning, are in your timezone, and are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Objective Trapeze.

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Do more with Objective Trapeze Professional.

Explore the latest version of Objective Trapeze, watch new features in action and learn about what’s coming next.

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