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Working between Navigator and IQ

If you're working between Objective IQ (browser) and Navigator don't forget to check back in and release your documents before you move from one to the other.

The two systems work quite independently of each other so don't assume if you're working on document X in Browser that it will pick up where you left off in document X in Navigator.

Employee leaving checklist

It might be time to update your procedures for employee off-boarding (people leaving the organisation) to include:

  • Check in all documents, especially those that are being co-authored.
  • Transfer any Objective Connect workspaces to the appropriate person.

If it’s in Objective ECM it’s the original

Since 2018, electronic documents and files are considered to be the originals – in most cases, and subject to your organisation having appropriate processes in place once your document/invoice/letter is saved into Objective ECM you can securely destroy the hardcopy record.

This "born digital, stay digital" approach is the recordkeeping standard for all Australian government departments and authorities.

How do I delete a document?

Outside of document destruction using a record disposal authority, there are only three reasons for deleting documents in Objective:

  • If it’s a duplicate (e.g. when you’ve accidentally saved something twice and there are two copies of it.)
  • When you've incorporated ‘reference material’ into a final document, such as rough workings out or notes.
  • If it is publicly available material.

Use the Request Document Deletion workflow to delete a document – if it’s a duplicate, don’t forget to add the Objective number of the document you are keeping. We must check that the two documents are duplicates.