Larger projects shouldn’t slow you down. 

Search for Participants or files faster than ever before. Find who or what document you need for a quick update in just a few clicks.

Recently the Objective Connect team have conducted a series of customer interviews to gather insight on common use cases such as Tendering and Procurement and Major Projects.

The larger the project, the more critical sticking to timelines becomes. These use cases, and other larger projects, often require Owners to manage hundreds if not thousands of Workspace documents, Participants and comments - making monitoring, searching and identifying users or files a tedious task.

The latest UI enhancements are designed with productivity in mind by providing greater search-ability through heavy loads of files, documents and Workspace Participants. The new UI enables you to locate what you need faster for those quick updates.

Workspace View updates enables users to:

  • Filter by Invited and Accepted status Participants
  • Search and sort Participants by name or email, status or abilities
  • Apply paging controls for more populated Workspace
  • View Participate abilities easier with a refreshed display
  • Update Participant details with an avatars image
  • Navigate large numbers of users, comments and documents faster with page controls

Main Workspace list updates enables users to:

  • View controls front and centre, above the Documents panel
  • Filter by document name, size, created or modified date
  • Apply a time filter to Mentions and Comments to help keep recent conversations in focus

    To learn more, visit the Objective Connect Help Centre. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.