Reduce Risk and Strengthen Identity Protection

Leverage existing organisation accounts, systems and policies

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available within Objective Connect to Enterprise Edition customers at no additional cost. Objective Connect’s SSO feature will allow security-conscious organisations to use the same single set of credentials to access Objective Connect. 

Benefits of Objective Connect's SSO Feature:

  • Strengthens identity protection
  • Simplifies username and password management
  • Reduces password fatigue
  • Decreases IT overhead

    In order to roll out this Enterprise authentication feature you must use one of the following identity providers:

      • Microsoft ADFS
      • OAuth 2.0
      • SAML
      • OpenID Connect

      How to get started:

      • Work with your IT team to determine authentication standard
      • Request a Workspace invitation to receive Get Started Guide
      • When ready, reach out to the Objective Connect team to finalise implementation