Objective IQ rolls out to our RegTech solutions

With many benefits for Objective Reach and Objective RegWorks, users will enjoy the intuitive navigation and modern UI of Objective IQ

Objective IQ is the common user interface (UI) design language across our suite of products for digital government. It ensures a consistent, modern experience that empowers knowledge workers, drives greater user adoption and satisfaction.

Objective IQ benefits for Objective Reach

There’s a lot to look forward to with the upcoming Objective IQ rollout for Objective Reach. Visually cleaner, records will be easier to read and understand with refreshed fonts, colours and alignment of fields. Maximisation of white space presents record information clearly and the streamlined UI enables you to find relevant information sooner and with less clicks.

Identifying matches will be even quicker with the enhancement of the Partial, Phonetic and Similar matches feature. Matches can be identified at a glance via the introduction of match type icons and with just a single click you can view relatives of a result by expanding the card view.

Experience all of these benefits on laptops, desktops and tablets with a new, flexible design. Intelligent configuration accommodates different screen sizes, ensuring information is always clearly displayed.

Objective IQ benefits for Objective RegWorks

The most notable changes coming in Objective RegWorks are its new tables and widgets. Tables will be easier to interpret because they’ll better maximise white space creating a sleeker, clearer view. Bulk actions will be more noticeable and achieved in less clicks than previously. Navigation will be even faster and information will be easier to find and retain. Users will experience a stronger focus on data with the removal of dark headers, the addition of new field styles and spacing between widgets.

Objective IQ is an intuitive refresh of the Objective RegWorks user experience so there’s no need for training to embrace the new design and gain improvements to productivity.

Universal benefits

A delightful benefit of the Objective IQ rollout for both Objective and end users is its new global Pro Light colour palette. By increasing contrast levels to 4:5:1 for texts and 3:1 for graphics you’ll distinguish between primary and secondary elements, selected tabs, and actionable links and buttons better. Most importantly, this will mean all Objective solutions will improve alignment with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), assisting people with disability to use any Objective product with greater ease.

With Objective IQ you can expect the same look and feel across all Objective solutions, a responsive design and intuitive navigation.