Tired of scrolling? Locate what you need faster.

Government agencies or departments have to meet with committee or board members several times a year. Objective Connect enables secure collaboration and coordination between staff and board members from anywhere on any device. It allows the sharing of many documents with external parties; saving time, preventing duplication, and reducing email overload.

Preview-Only is a fan favourite by most Objective Connect customers, particularly those that are sharing sensitive information to board and committee members. After working with a government agency in the UK, there was a real opportunity to do more with the feature, especially with large files. Now - Objective Connect is taking Preview one step further.

If you have a use case that involves documents with large number of pages, like board/committee or research papers, this latest feature enhancement is for you. 

Objective Connect's latest Preview enhancement takes documents and provides an outline view, delivering greater navigation and saving users time from endless scrolling. 

But wait, there is more. Users can also have the ability to search for key phrases or words to find what they need, quicker than ever before. 

To learn more or how to get started visit the help centre