NRAR: Tackling water theft and misuse in NSW with Objective RegWorks

The NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) adopts a new end-to-end regulatory solution to significantly improve water compliance.

Objective Corporation’s RegWorks solution has been selected for the agency’s regulatory platform transformation following a rigorous tender process.

Facilitating change: NRAR's vision and priorities

In response to the findings from the 2017 ABC Four Corners "Pumped" episode covering the theft and misuse of water in NSW, NRAR has been actively redefining its approach to water regulation. In 2022, NRAR initiated structural changes and took a proactive stance, leading to the decision to retire its existing case management solution which is a combination of systems, loosely coupled with little system integration.

Today, NRAR faces the key challenges of:

  • Multiple manual steps for information recording, tracking and reporting which is resulting in redundant tasks and inefficiencies;
  • Collecting field data that can be used in decision-making and building intelligence outlook;
  • Ingesting information from 3rd party sources for analysis and intelligence purposes in support of targeting compliance activities; and
  • Limited technology to assist with measuring effectiveness in operational functions that can be used to drive improvement.

Objective RegWorks offers best-practice regulatory workflows which will help standardise processes, provide complete history from a single source of truth, and enable insights for better targeting of activities based on risk. The ability to enter field data from anywhere gives NRAR access to the fast, accurate, reliable information they need to make informed decisions with confidence.

A catalyst for change

NRAR has chosen Objective Corporation as its trusted partner for the implementation of a cutting-edge Water Compliance Management System (WCMS). Objective RegWorks, a comprehensive end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, is uniquely positioned to significantly improve how NRAR manages water compliance.

With over 26 years of experience delighting customers across multiple regulatory domains, countries and levels of government, Objective is well-versed in working with regulators like NRAR to implement a solution that will overhaul their current processes.

Unveiling a comprehensive solution

Objective RegWorks is available anywhere on any device, enables online enagagement and is designed solely for regulatory functions, providing a robust foundation for NRAR's goals. The solution will provide functionality in support of NRAR’s core activities, including audits, inspections, suspicious activity reports, investigations, incidents, case management, legal cases and dashboards/reporting.

A compelling list of benefits

NRAR will be able to capitalise on the numerous benefits that come with implementing an end-to-end regulatory technology solution from a provider with decades of experience. These include:

  • Intelligent use of analytics to inform, guide and increase NRAR’s impact
  • Improved targeting of regulation and reducing the costs of administration
  • A modern, user-friendly platform
  • Automated, consistent data capture and validation
  • Configurable workflows
  • Data insights
  • Improved reporting
  • API standards-based integration

Leveraging the benefits of Objective Regworks will provide NRAR with workflows built specifically to collect and analyse information, compile evidence, conduct investigations and manage their legal processes. Helping to overcome the challenges they face as a modern regulator.

Phased implementation

Understanding the necessity of urgently replacing NRAR’s legacy systems, Objective Corporation proposed a strategically structured implementation plan. This includes a phased approach that ensures a seamless transition, allowing NRAR to achieve an initial go-live within months of project commencement.

This partnership is not just about technology; it's about helping NRAR to shape the future of water regulation in NSW, and we look forward to achieving the improved community outcomes together.

Kirsty Dusting

Global VP, Objective RegWorks

A fitting partnership begins

Objective Corporation is excited to be joining NRAR on the journey to better water regulation in NSW. We look forward to providing a modern, efficient, and flexible solution for water compliance management to aid NRAR in achieving its goals.

If you are interested in finding out how Objective can help transform your agency into a modern regulator, contact us.