Witnessing Objective Trapeze in the hands of Building Standards Surveyors

Visiting customers is back on the agenda… and boy, did I miss it!

The best part of my job is seeing our customers using the solutions we create for them.

Following this incredible story from Renfrewshire Council on how they eliminated their building warrant backlog by stamping plans with Objective Trapeze, it was about time I headed to Scotland to witness this and other success stories first-hand.

Building Standards Surveyors from the local authorities I visited were quick to describe how they can check plans efficiently with Trapeze. “The plan comparison tool is a big time-saver, especially on larger developments,” one officer said. "I no longer need to worry about whether I’ve missed something when working through amendments," he added.

I also enjoyed hearing about more niche examples of the difference Trapeze makes to those who use it almost daily. One surveyor told me how easy it is to check if the headroom over a set of stairs or a ramp meets the minimum building regulations of 2 metres in Trapeze.

A few officers were proud to show me how they use Trapeze on their touch-screen devices while out and about doing site inspections too. “It’s useful to quickly mark different plots using a traffic-light system of green, amber and red directly on the site plan”.

It’s also great to see Trapeze users learning from each other.

“How can I check that septic tanks aren’t located within 5 metres from any buildings?”, one surveyor asked, having recently started working at one of the councils I was visiting. His senior colleague quickly replied: “You can use the Circle Measurement Tool with a fixed radius of 5 metres”.

We know that measuring lines (such as travel distance) and areas quickly and accurately is often a big part of the reason to adopt our solution and there are dozens of use cases for it. So it’s not surprising that every customer I visited was pleased about the recent release of ‘Snap to Point’ functionality which makes it easy to measure, annotate or redact with great precision.

I always say that “our customers’ success is our success”, that’s why we continue to develop Trapeze Professional specifically for the needs of Building and Planning Officers. Our customer-centric approach to everything we do at Objective is what keeps me going.

Next stop? North West England, where I’m meeting teams in Development Management, Highways and Building Control.

I certainly missed meeting our customers in person, but of course that’s not the only way. If you would like to have a chat about how Objective Trapeze could help your organisation get through more planning or building applications without increasing the number of staff, I’m only an email or Teams call away.

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