What’s new in Objective Trapeze

Since the release of Objective Trapeze Professional in mid-2019, the Objective Trapeze team has been working hard to deliver great new features. Have a look below to see what new features are available for you!

April 19th 2021

Calculator History

We have added a new Calculator Panel that keeps a record of calculations performed, allowing you to name results and easily copy for inclusion into a sticky note or report.

Tip: The 'Calculator in measurement panel' preference allows you to return the Calculator Panel to the bottom of the Measurement Panel instead of having a separate panel. 

March 19th 2021

Set scale of multiple pages

We have added Set Scale to the thumbnails menu - so you can now select a range of pages and set their scale in one hit!

February 12th 2021 

Segment Lengths 

You can now see the length of each individual segment in a multi-segment measurement created with the Measurement Annotation Tool, rather than just the total line length. This is useful in many scenarios, including checking the exit travel distance for fire safety requirements or quickly measuring the height and width of an object such as a door.

Additional Scale Values

The default "Set Scale" list of common scales now includes 1:500 and 1:1250. 

Smooth Drawing

Your annotations and overlays will now rotate and move more smoothly when using features like Light Table, Overlay Annotation Tool and Document Compare. This can be disabled if causing performance issues on older PCs.

December 4th 2020 

Measurement Tagging

Use tags to easily group similar measurements together, such as your floor or garden area measurements. Then filter to display only the measurements with a specific tag or combination of tags. Within the calculator, use tags to undertake complex calculations in seconds. 

*Handy Tip: Double click a tag in the Measurement Filter to show just the measurements with that tag.

Measurement Calculator Improvements

Don't just use existing measurements or tags in the calculator. Type in any number you want! For example, you may wish to perform a percentage calculation based on the known site area from a Survey Plan (rather than from a measurement). You can also change the measurement unit of the calculated result, and easily copy the result to be pasted into an annotation or another application.

Measurement Panel Improvements

Use the keyboard to navigate within the Measurement Panel and trigger commonly used functions. Delete selected measurements quickly by hitting the Delete key, or hit Enter to display the current selected measurement. You can now also change multiple quick measurements into measurement annotations in one operation. Just select the quick measurements in the measurement panel, and click "Make Annotation" from the right-click or three dot menu.

August 14th 2020

Colour Compare

Colour Compare lives inside Document Compare and overlays "Page A" and "Page B" using different colours for each. All lines common between those two pages remain grey, making the changes stand out in colour. Clicking "Contrast" allows you to focus on the changes even more easily by fading those grey lines to light grey. And finally, for those tricky pages that don't readily align with each other, simply click "Position" to move Page B relative to Page A.

Measurement Panel Improvements

Measure across pages! Add up multiple floor areas across multiple plans in seconds! The Measurement Panel now also has a calculator at the bottom just where you need it. All of your measurements are shown in the panel, whether they are quick measurements or measurement annotations. Toggle their visibility to hide them from the page when needed.

Document Combining

Combine multiple documents directly from Windows Explorer or your Windows Desktop, simply by selecting them, right clicking on one of them and then choosing "Combine with Objective Trapeze" from the context menu. Arrange them in order and then Trapeze does the rest in one click.

Two Document View

Need to see two documents side-by-side without closing any other open documents or opening another instance of Trapeze? Now you can with Two Document View, which also works with two pages of the same document such as a Floor Plan and an Elevation.

Duplicate Page

You can now easily duplicate one or more pages in seconds, simply by right-clicking on the relevant thumbnail (or thumbnails) and choosing "Duplicate".

February 28th 2020

Measurement Panel

All of your measurements are now tracked in the new floating Measurement Panel. The panel can be moved (including to a second screen if available) and resized as needed. The panel makes it easy to revisit previous quick measurements and measurement annotations, whether they are lines, areas or circles. Choose the information you want to display in the panel, and export its contents to a .TSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Document Compare Improvements

No more "Spot the difference". Document Compare now highlights all page differences in colour with the click of a button! No more sliding or fading (though these still exist).The colours can be changed for accessibility. You can also now exclude areas of a page from the page comparison process (such as a title block with changed revision numbers or dates) when Document Compare is identifying which pages have been changed.

Ci Anywhere Integration

Our new connector means our customers using Ci Anywhere with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge can easily check documents in and out of TechOne ECM with ease, by opening them directly into Objective Trapeze. Additional functionality is also provided, such as creating and registering new copies of the open document.

November 18th 2019

CMIS Integration

Trapeze now integrates with any Document Management System that implements support for the open CMIS standard.

October 21st 2019

Smart Stamping

Stamp high volumes of pages in seconds with auto-stamping capability! Smart Stamping automatically detects the best spot on each page to apply stamps, without covering important information like dimensions. No more tediously stamping page by page.

Quick Settings

Access all of the most commonly used settings without drilling down through all of the preferences. Quick Settings puts them front and centre with an easy to use interface.

June 4th 2019

Document Compare

Use the new Document Compare tool to easily identify which pages have been changed between two documents. Once the changed pages have been identified, easily find the changes on those particular pages using the slider and fader.

Tool Launcher

No more ribbon toolbar that requires constant clicking! All your tools are now conveniently located on the Tool Launcher, situated on the right hand side of the Trapeze window. Tools are grouped according to function, such as "Assess" and "Annotate". Collapse or hide tool groups as desired.


You can now save your favourite annotation styles and measuring properties by creating handy presets and giving them any name you like, such as "large blue arrow". Those presets will be available every time you access the same tool.

Objective ECM Integration

Our Objective ECM customers can now enjoy seamless, complete integration with Objective ECM version 10.4.2 and above.

Simplified Printing

Tired of walking to the printer and being disappointed with the output? See what you're about to print with Print Preview, and easily adjust your preferences such as page size and orientation. Print documents faster with improved printing performance.

If you already have a Trapeze Professional subscription, you can download the latest version from our Trapeze Download page. If not, simply get in touch with us at trapeze@objective.com to find out how you could be enjoying these great new features!