Why I’ve always loved attending Collaborate

Our Objective Customer Success Manager shares the value she gained from attending Collaborate previously as a customer and why you should make the most of this opportunity!

As a former Objective customer, I am excited to be on the other side of Collaborate in my new role as Customer Success Manager at Objective.

As a customer, I always loved going to Collaborate. I never needed to build a business case to attend back when you had to travel because even my managers and directors saw the value that I got out of attending the event. Months after, they were still seeing that I was getting value from attending that one event as I continued to engage with peers across the network and maintaining those ongoing relationships.

That’s one thing that I really cherish from Collaborate – that opportunity to share contact details, share stories and being able to speak with other customers to find out how they are solving business problems. As I have been to Collaborate five times as a customer, I got the most out of it by networking. It was always great to see the product and company direction, but I’d be inspired by the presentations and case studies from other customers. I could then leverage that point of discussion to be able to work together with other customers.

We can still Collaborate together

Even though the event is still online this year, there are still many advantages. I want to encourage people to still network and reach out to each other. Our whole life is online at the moment, and we have to take the opportunity to engage with each other as much as possible.

Collaborate is still the platform where when we see customer presentations and case studies. We should reach out to those customers directly or get in contact with the Account Managers or Customer Success team who can facilitate those types of meetings in which customers are brought together.

Collaborate is also very accessible in its upcoming digital format. It’s four hours over two days whereas before it could have taken me out of the business for up to three days with travel time. Now, you can invite multiple people to attend instead of just an approved one or two. Now, you can actually have your IT Manager, your Records Manager, and your executives attend and they can choose the sessions they wish to attend. Where they might not have been able to experience Collaborate before and had to relive it through your eyes, now is the chance for them to see the value of the event. It’s really easy to attend Collaborate now, and likewise, it’s really easy to open up those networks.

For the customers who have been to previous Collaborates in person, they’ve seen the benefits, but nothing is lost. It is all still there. In fact, it’s even easier now because you can connect digitally and bring everyone together from wherever you are, to collaborate.

I encourage customers to reach out to me because this is what Collaborate is all about. As a customer, I know I valued that.

You can still register for Collaborate here.