At Objective, we realise that having a great culture benefits business. It creates strong engagement, which retains employees and impacts positively on productivity.

By creating a positive workplace culture, our employees belong to a community of people who have the same focus and vision. They enjoy interactions with colleagues who challenge each other in the spirit of creating excellent outcomes for our customers. Together, this drive and focus creates connection and purpose, which our people value.

We know that culture is the one thing that differentiates us from other organisations. It’s an organisation’s DNA – the values that bring people together and guide their day-to-day interactions. In a positive, inclusive culture, people are free to be their authentic selves in the workplace, enjoy the environment they work in and be productive in their roles. Ultimately, all of this results in an excellent outcome for customers – so it’s a win-win all-round.

That is why our Great Place To Work (GPTW) certification is so important. It’s based on GPTW’s independent assessment of our policies, practices and programs – things that all help create a picture of our workplace culture. Being certified as a Great Place To Work is fantastic recognition that, as an organisation, we are investing in creating an environment that enables our people to feel valued so they can do their best work.

How Objective invests in people

At Objective, we run several programs that encourage individuals to express their creativity and drive their personal growth, such as leadership programs and development opportunities. Innovate is our bi-annual hackathon, where we provide a three-day window for individuals to work on projects or ideas that they believe will drive better outcomes for our customers. Many of these great ideas end up in our products.

Another much-anticipated event on the Objective calendar which is very much part of our culture, is Activate, our annual employee conference. This event brings together teams from across the region for a few days where we hear about the vision for the year ahead and participate in workshops and enablement sessions. The conference closes with a party to celebrate the successes of the previous 12 months and an awards presentation to recognise individual contributions. It’s great fun and a memorable experience for all.

We’ve found that a flexible work environment allows our people to manage their lives in a balanced way. Our focus is on delivery: we hire adults and treat people that way. Teamwork and collaboration are critical, but we acknowledge that people have lives outside of work, so the relationship is very much one of give and take.

We also encourage our people to stay healthy by partially funding regular yoga and bootcamp sessions and running awareness workshops on healthy living. The lunchtime running club is a very active group too and run multiple times each week.

Evaluating what works and what doesn’t

At Objective, we run twice yearly engagement surveys that allow us to directly learn what people are thinking and feeling about their experiences at work. This helps us to ensure we’re working on the programs that support both the company and our employees’ personal growth. It also tells us what we’re doing well and where we should maintain our focus. While the results reflect a point in time, the surveys reveal trends and themes that we use to inform our plans.

If you’re interested in joining an organisation that’s committed to building a positive work culture, visit our careers page.