Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS)

Replacing five bespoke systems with a single integrated platform for transport security

The Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS), an operating arm of the Department of Home Affairs, is responsible for regulating the security of Australia’s aviation transport, maritime transport and in the offshore oil and gas industries. Initiated in response to heightened security risks in the early 2000’s, the office performs a vital role, ensuring that Australians and the interests of the nation are secure.

The activities that AMS undertake in their approach to regulation include policy administration, education and collaboration with industry participants, policy development and advice, compliance and monitoring, and working closely with foreign and international partners.

For its first 10 years, the AMS managed its regulatory operations with a disparate set of bespoke systems developed to meet specific needs as they arose. This led to a proliferation of fragmented data that was difficult to share efficiently between business functions. The bespoke solutions could not be readily updated to implement new regulatory reforms or provide whole-of-business reporting.

Objective RegWorks (formerly by Itree) replaced all five information systems with a fully integrated solution that supports security regulation across all regulated industry sectors.

Integrated workflows enable AMS staff to securely share information across aviation security, maritime security and supply chain business units, and between staff located across Australia.

As a result, the AMS gained a tailored solution with many benefits that caters to the unique aspects of transport security regulation.

While everyone wants a COTS solution, they also want to be able to modify it to suit their own needs – without going down the path of customisation. The RegWorks team really step up when you need them and go beyond what you’ve asked for.

- Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS)