Meeting information security needs as a non-profit and a government agency

Objective Connect delivers on security and enables Taronga Zoo to work efficiently, both internally and externally.

For 104 years, Taronga has been focused on education, empowering and educating guests in the community to help create a sustainable future. From external audits to team training, Taronga was using consumer grade sharing products. As a result, information and procedures were shared across multiple repositories, with different versions of information being hard to track.

Since switching to Objective Connect, Taronga Zoo is using an enterprise grade file sharing solution that meets all of their information security needs. From an efficiency perspective, collaborating on content with an intuitive software provides confidence, flexibility and peace of mind.

Taronga Zoo is not only a non-profit but also a state government agency and we need to share with other agencies including audits. As a government agency, security and compliance are always top of mind. Connect delivers on that security and peace of mind.

Paul White

Director of Information and Digital Technology

Learn more about how Objective Connect secures external file-sharing, maintains one version of the truth and retains audit-ready records of who did what and when.