Paper to digital transformation with Objective Trapeze positively impacts the community

Switching to digital has generated positive results for both the customer and Waitaki District Council

Prior to Objective Trapeze, Waitaki District Council was paper based. Tasks like manually stamping plans, reorganising pages, combining documents and manual comparison were a tedious, time-consuming reality.

Since switching to digital with Objective Trapeze, the council has experienced notable time and cost savings. It has positively impacted the community by allowing the council to process consents faster with improved accuracy. It has ultimately made life easier for the building and planning team at the council.

“Objective Trapeze has positively impacted our community by allowing us to get documents stamped and get them superseded,” said Brent Cunningham, Acting Team Leader, Building and Services - Waitaki District Council.

With Objective Trapeze, it’s just a matter of hitting a button and – bang – it’s stamped the whole document and you can see it. It’s allowed us to just get consents through the system quicker and out the door at the other end.

Brent Cunningham

Acting Team Leader, Building and Services - Waitaki District Council

Objective Trapeze is used by over 500 councils in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and offers a smarter way to assess and approve digital plans. Visit the website for more information.