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Transforming Government Business for AU and NZ

Government Ministers and Chief Executives rely on timely, high quality advice and briefings from public sector agencies to carry out their responsibilities to Cabinet, Parliament and constituents.

This offers government departments the opportunity to communicate and influence policy, demonstrate accountability and transparency to the community, or promote the agency and its work.

In the digital age, government is expected to respond swiftly to emerging issues, provide services through diverse channels and develop innovative solutions for complex policy challenges – to achieve social and economic outcomes that deliver public value.

Success depends on easy access to reliable information supported by process automation and tools for secure collaboration.

This executive brief explores the challenges associated with core government business processes and offers insight to the efficiency gains that optimisation brings.

  • Ministerial Correspondence
  • Parliamentary Briefs
  • Cabinet Submissions
Governments need to be faster, leaner, more productive, more innovative, more collaborative, and above all…more agile.

Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister