Local Development Plans following NPF4

After the adoption of the National Planning Framework 4 in February, Local Development Plans have been at the forefront of Scottish Local Authorities' minds. From the Evidence Report to making it more engaging, the new regime calls for new practices.

Managing representations, consultees, reports, the evidence base, accessible documents (and their interactive counterparts) using multiple systems and spreadsheets should be a thing of the past.

Our Scottish Local Authority customers have shared with us their frustrations of waiting for a central solution… and suggested we organise this session for other authorities who are also starting on their new LDP. You’ll even hear from one of our customers who’ll speak first-hand of their experience.

Join us to explore:

  • Documents that number, format and brand themselves
  • Removing barriers around engagement to reduce offline representations
  • Efficiently process thousands of representations without Excel
  • Centralise your evidence base to easily link and reference your policy
  • Publishing WCAG 2.1 content in HTML, PDF and other formats
  • GIS map-based consultation and assessment
  • Using AI to assist with auto-tagging, sentiment analysis and more