Irreversibly obscure selected information from any document

Redaction software for security-conscious organisations

Irreversibly block out selected information from any electronic document with this fast, simple redaction tool. Redacted text is completely removed along with any hidden code, authors' changes and data from 'behind' the document.

The cost-effective redaction solution for government agencies

For any government agencies responsible for managing documents that contain private or sensitive information, the issue has become a double-edged sword:

  1. How do you comply with mandates which require you to protect sensitive data, while simultaneously complying with the Freedom of Information Act, OIA and other laws that require you to provide access to documents requested by the public, and government officials.
  2. How do you do it efficiently and effectively in a "do more with less" environment?

With Objective Redact you have options.

Objective Redact is an advanced document redaction solution for irreversibly blanking out confidential and sensitive information from electronic files, documents, scanned output, or any other information source such as a database report. Objective Redact processes files from any source without having to have the file printed for manual redaction and/or saved as a PDF. The software will search for phrases, regular expressions (i.e. a Date of Birth or Social Security Number) or subject names.