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Next generation information & process governance

Harness the benefits of digital government

Empower staff to work from anywhere; with access to information, governance guaranteed, and security assured. A complete SaaS based solution providing records compliance, enterprise scale information management and process automation.

Public sector oganisations are under constant pressure to boost efficiency and reduce risk while meeting rising community expectations regarding transparency and speed of service. They are obliged to deliver better services to their community and employees, manage and protect their information; meet many legislative requirements, and improve business processes while keeping a tight rein on costs.

However, the vast amount of information created, captured, and consumed across different applications, locations, and devices can hamper the effectiveness of digital government. The key is harnessing all these information assets, no matter where they are stored, with a sound information management solution supported by a robust governance framework. The outcome is well-managed information that will enable efficient and effective use of trusted information in a compliant way to better support, protect and serve the community.

Designed for government and regulated organisations

Objective Nexus is explicitly designed for government and highly regulated industries to improve how they create, collect, manage, and use one of their most valuable assets: information; while supporting the cloud-first approach to IT procurement from governments worldwide.

Conceptually evolved from Objective ECM, but completely re-architected for the cloud, Objective Nexus helps government agencies and highly regulated organisations deliver effective and responsive services to their communities in the following areas:

Building trust in government - by demonstrating transparency and accountability

Modernising public sector IT - by leveraging the benefits of a complete Saas model

An efficient and effective public sector - efficiency processes and access to the right information