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An innovative platform helping to protect vulnerable children

Objective has helped child protection agencies across Australia securely share vital information, make better decisions and improve child safety.

Supported by the federal government, the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) led the rollout of software developed to solve the problem of sharing child protection information across Australian borders.

The barriers to information sharing across borders meant workers in each state had limited or no visibility of vital information that could change the outcomes of their cases - and children’s lives. Human error and incomplete information meant information was hard to find, match and share across systems.

Using Objective, each child protection agency across Australian states and territories can share sensitive data all while complying with policy
and legislation.

Objective Reach has really enabled us to break down those barriers that exist between every state and territory. It has enabled real-time decision making about risks for children that helps keep them safe.

Briony Foster

Executive District Director, Department of Communities and Justice