Trapeze Professional: Five features to make assessment more efficient

The innovative new features that will help you save time

Watch the On-Demand recording of Objective’s Customer Success Director, Marty Southwell, as he explores why updating to Trapeze Professional will significantly benefit your whole team. 

Marty will take you through a closer look on how Objective Trapeze Professional can help save your organisation valuable time! Exploring the new tools & features, Marty will show a quick tutorial on how each will work and what that could mean for your organisation.

In this on demand recording, you will:

• Learn about the key differences between Legacy Trapeze versions and Objective Trapeze Professional

• Hear from Marty Southwell, Customer Success Director

• Discover the new features and tools, how they work and ultimately how that could help save you time


Marty Southwell

Customer Success Director - Planning & Building Solutions, Objective Corporation

Molly Banister

Product Marketing Manager - Planning & Building Solutions, Objective Corporation