What we learned from speaking to CIOs across the public sector and regulated industries.

In March 2022, Objective conducted in-depth interviews with a group of CIOs from organisations in the public sector and regulated industries. We asked a series of questions to uncover the key challenges their organisations face when it comes to managing information, and how they plan to address these over the coming months and years. Three key trends emerged:

Importance of accelerating digital modernisation programs

As the pressure to deliver increased flexibility, greater agility and faster implementation continues to rise, CIOs are focusing on building digital modernisation programs that enable them to deliver on the organisation’s strategic agenda.

Staying ahead of the ever-changing security threat

The threat to data security is ever-growing, and with it, the importance of securely managing information. CIOs are looking for ways to protect their sensitive information and address the changing threats to security.

Creating order from chaos amidst the information explosion

The rapid growth of information is simply outstripping our ability to manage it. CIOs are looking for ways to organise, cleanse, synthesise and govern their information in order to make better use of it, all the while remaining compliant with record keeping legislation.

    This white paper distills the findings of these conversations and offers some recommendations on how CIOs can move their organisations forward in each of these important areas.