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For 30 years, Objective has been listening to feedback and understanding challenges in the industry to deliver powerful solutions that empower our users and generate better outcomes for the community

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As the leading EDRMS across APAC and the UK, Objective helps government agencies shift to digital records and information management. Vital for the modern workforce, our solutions empower our customers to work in confidence from anywhere with user-friendly access to information - governance guaranteed and security assured.

Latest industry commentary

Hear the latest thinking from state and commonwealth recordkeeping authorities on a modern approach to records management.

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Building Trust in the Public Record: managing information and data for government and community

Hear from David Fricker, DG of the National Archives of Australia and a panel of government CIOs.

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Information governance for Microsoft Teams – PROV perspective

Peter Francis from PROV delivers advice on recordkeeping standards in the new, remote way of working, specifically with Microsoft Teams.

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State Records South Australia’s advice for information governance and emerging technologies

Join Simon Froude of State Records South Australia and Deanna Fleming from Dept. of Treasury and Finance, SA.

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Modern information management with Microsoft 365 – State Records, WA

Join Damian Shepherd, Director of State Records Office of WA and Sue Wilson, CIO from the Department Primary Industries Regional Development, WA.


Trusted by records managers globally

Using Objective software, thousands of public sector organisations are creating a foundation of governance to support the modern workplace.

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Best practice records management starts here

Modern Records Management is more than the ability to capture a record from a range of different sources and keep them safe and authentic. It includes the ability for end users to leverage those records to either respond faster, more efficient, or better informed, based on the trustworthiness of the record.

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Information Everywhere

Maximise the value of corporate knowledge.

Governance Everywhere

Ensure records compliance across all information sources.

Sustainable Transformation

Drive sustainable business transformation.

Cloud First

Deliver rapid ROI and secure information in the cloud.


What’s your EDRMS?

Blurb about how these collaboration and modern working tools work with both ECM and Content Manager.

Extend governance beyond your EDRMS

We have a range of solutions that work with both Objective ECM and Micro Focus Content Manager that extend governance structure from your EDRMS to apps that business users rely on in their day-to-day work practices.

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Secure external file sharing

Share documents with external parties, securely with governance extended from your EDRMS: Content Manager or Objective ECM

Maintain a single source of truth

Two-way synchronisation with your existing file plan keeps everyone up to date. Files received are automatically filed in the correct location, ensuring metadata is always accurate.

You are in charge of who does what

Existing permissions, classifications, shares and caveats from the EDRMS are applied automatically. You can then control the abilities of each user invited to a Workspace: download, upload, edit, share, add comments and invite participants.

For their eyes only

When your documents are extremely sensitive, set a Workspace to be preview-only. Documents can be shared, but never downloaded. Every page is watermarked with the participants’ email address and time stamped.

Comply with your records management obligations

Transactional audit reports can be produced at any time, providing the granularity that is required by records and information managers. Seamless integration to the audit trail in Micro Focus Content Manager and Objective ECM is always kept up to date.


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Governance for Microsoft Teams

Balance collaboration with information governance

Retain long term corporate knowledge

Ensure that all files and conversations are captured for long term retention of corporate IP. Provide retrospective and proactive governance while maintaining your ‘single source of truth.'

Surface valuable information

Surface and aggregate your EDRMS content within the Microsoft Teams interface, that is relevant to the specific project.

Making governance easy

Effortlessly request a Team to be created, identify when and where it will be stored. Define members, channels, finalisation date and more.


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Automated redaction

For faster redaction, easier reviews and to keep your most sensitive information safe

Easy and accurate redaction of structured text

Search for specific structured targets – social security numbers, tax file numbers, credit card numbers, regular expressions, phrases, email addresses and more.

Remove all hidden information

Permanently remove all text content marked for redaction, including hidden metadata such as authors, creation dates and other attributes that can be stored in a file.

Redact all file types

Redact PDFs, Microsoft Excel or Word documents, email and more.

Smart search for words or phrases

Use the built in OCR engine to quickly find and redact words or phrases.