Remote working

Improve productivity when working remotely

Ensure your workforce has continuous access to the information they need and can take action from anywhere.

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Enable remote working

Objective solutions help organisations be equally as productive with users working away from the office as they are when they are in the office. Leverage features and functionality within the suite of Objective content solutions to provide remote working capability to your users today, and beyond.

Browser access with Objective IQ

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Browser access with Objective IQ

The fastest path to providing users with remote access, with minimal set up.

Intelligent information management

Allow staff to work unencumbered, whether working in the office or remotely, providing access to the content they need in a secure, compliant and highly governed way on the user's device of choice.

Powerful functionality in the office or at home

Users access, create, edit and save content using their core business applications, including Microsoft O365 on any device - all within your organisation’s prescribed governance framework.

An easy and intuitive experience

Objective IQ is core to the development of a consistent user experience across all Objective products. Intuitive and easy to learn means fast adoption.

Objective ECM and Microsoft Office 365

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Objective ECM and Microsoft Office 365

Controlled co-authoring and remote editing directly from Objective ECM.

Leverage the power of Office 365 collaboration tools

Provide a frictionless editing experience between Office 365 and Objective ECM, such as co-authoring, mobile editing, Teams and OneDrive.

Online editing means no software to deploy

Work directly in Office 365, with information governance provided behind the scenes through Objective ECM. This can be achieved without having to deploy desktop applications.

Maintain your single source of truth

Users can confidently make decisions and take action, knowing they are using the most recent and accurate information. Provide rich context around your information, such as author, type, date create, audit history, versions and more.

Governance for Microsoft Teams

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Governance for Microsoft Teams

Frictionless collaboration with enhanced governance.

Retain long term corporate knowledge

Confidently embrace Microsoft Teams with the knowledge that information and context is captured within Objective Inform, as your single source of truth. Capture all files as well as conversations.

View detailed summary

Reports are automatically created to provide a detailed summary of the Team. This includes information on channels, team members, conversations and files.

Surface valuable information

Provide users with a complete information picture by surfacing content held within Objective Inform into their Teams channel.

Deploy digital workflows

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Deploy digital workflows

Reduce paper and email-based processes and increase productivity even when working from home.

Approvals, reviews, briefs from anywhere at anytime

Ensure that your processes aren't held up by paper or manual email steps. Deploy digitally workflows that enable users to action tasks and approve electronically, even when they are working from home. Record the details of the authenticated user and timestamp to be used as evidence of an electronic approval.

Visibility of the entire process

Even when working remotely, stay informed across your business processes with an intuitive dashboard, from monitoring individual tasks to targeting potential bottlenecks and benchmarking their progressions.

Fast start - leverage the Objective workflow library

Don't re-invent the wheel, choose from a range of workflow templates as the building blocks to improve your business processes. From automation of basic tasks such as user management through to end-to-end processes such as human resource management or approval processes.

Secure external file sharing

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Secure external file sharing

Ultimate protection over your information, when you share it with anyone outside your organisation.

No VPN, no problem

Collaborate with external partners or support your team working remotely, Objective Connect empowers you to share containers of documents directly from your existing ECM file plan. Objective Connect creates secure, private workspaces in the cloud, that you control. Before any document is shared, all access controls, security levels and caveats are checked.

Ensure you are always working with the latest information

Two-way synchronisation with your existing file plan ensures everyone is kept up to date. Any file you received via Objective Connect is instantly filed in the correct location in Objective ECM and flagged to ensure your metadata is always accurate.

Trust the person, not their machine

Set the abilities of each user within every Workspace, to match the needs and legal requirements of individual projects. From preview-only, to secure online edit, to full read-write, you are always in control. Every action is captured; from when an invite was accepted - to a document downloaded - to comments made - you’re able to prove in seconds who did what and when.

Objective Managed Services

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Objective Managed Services

Accelerate system efficiency, reliability and improve performance

Remote service delivery excellence

Proactive system administration pre-built to service customers through secure remote management tools and processes

Improved system performance and user experience

Through proactive monitoring tools, access to ECM experts and faster issues resolution. Less system downtime with increased user productivity

Insights into usage

Detailed reporting packages provide insight into Objective ECM and system usage as well as highlighting adoption.

Webinar Series

Putting ideas into practice to create a modern and productive workplace.

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Accelerate Microsoft 365 adoption with information governance

Designed specifically for CIOs, see how enhanced sustainable governance can benefit organisations.

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Img resource thumb webinar info strategy for a distributed workforce


Information Strategy for a Distributed Workforce

For CEOs and Executive Leaders, this webinar discusses the future governance considerations for a distributed workforce.

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Enable Your Staff to Work Remotely

Learn how Objective solutions can help your organisation improve productivity when working remotely.

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Packages designed to get you started immediately.

Browser access with Objective IQ

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External access to corporate content.

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Governed Co-authoring

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Control co-authoring and remote editing.

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Remote administration with Navigator

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Configure ECM away from the office.

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Governance for Microsoft Teams

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Extend your governance rules to Teams.

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Digital workflows

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Action and approve tasks electronically.

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Managed Services

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Reduce risk and improve system uptime.

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Improved productivity when working remotely

Ensure your workforce has continuous access to the information they need, when they need it.

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