Take Objective Connect security to the next level

Secure account access using mobile authentication

Lockdown your account, your way.

Authentication is the first step in access control, and there are three common factors used for authentication: something you know – a complex password, something you are – an email, and something you have – a mobile device.

Objective Connect already secures login credentials by supporting complex passwords and linking email domains with Single Sign-On. Now, we’ve just provided greater support by introducing Account Multi-Factor Authentication (Account MFA).  Account MFA will enable any Objective Connect user to further secure their login credentials by registering their mobile device.

Getting started started is easy. All you will need is a mobile device and supported authenticator. Visit the Help Centre for more detailed instructions on how to enable Account MFA. If you have any questions please reach out to your customer success manager. 

Enforce Account MFA at a workgroup level

If you’re an administrator and would like to further secure your member accounts, there is an option to mandate Account MFA at the workgroup level. Once enabled, it will require members of that workgroup to register and use a mobile device when authenticating login credentials. 

For more detailed instructions on how to enforce Account MFA, visit the Help Centre. If you have any questions about enforcing Account MFA please contact your customer success manager.